Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4981 photos since February 2017

typewriter with black lives matter

Typewriter With Black Lives Matter

swings wrapped with caution tape

Swings Wrapped With Caution Tape

young one meets santa claus

Young one Meets Santa Claus

texting santa

Texting Santa

road through crop field

Road Through Crop Field

molten metal drop on bed of ash

Molten Metal Drop On Bed Of Ash

rocky cliffs of lagos distend into blue ocean waters

Rocky Cliffs of Lagos Distend Into Blue Ocean Waters

brussels griffon dog looks out the window

Brussels Griffon Dog Looks Out The Window

child meets santa

Child Meets Santa

curvy castle walls

Curvy Castle Walls

metal stairwell behind glass windows

Metal Stairwell Behind Glass Windows

palm trees cluster in florida grove reach toward blue skies

Palm Trees Cluster In Florida Grove Reach Toward Blue Skies

man dressed in monochrome by white wall

Man Dressed In Monochrome By White Wall

the carnival is closing

The Carnival Is Closing

opening the retail store for the day

Opening The Retail Store For The Day

toronto nightscape

Toronto Nightscape

yellow building

Yellow Building

alternative sandcastle

Alternative Sandcastle

heating metal with blowtorch

Heating Metal With Blowtorch

ice fall

Ice Fall

desert walking

Desert Walking

stacked green tubs

Stacked Green Tubs

man getting a hair cut at local barber

Man Getting A Hair Cut At Local Barber

santa examines his naughty or nice list

Santa Examines His Naughty Or Nice List

stone tower

Stone Tower

basket of berries

Basket Of Berries

sky wheel

Sky Wheel

model poses on cement stairs in denim and sneakers

Model Poses On Cement Stairs In Denim And Sneakers

just unfolded bud

Just Unfolded Bud

large traffic intersection from above

Large Traffic Intersection From Above

relaxing morning under the covers

Relaxing Morning Under The Covers

a coping saw and work bench

A Coping Saw And Work Bench

rugged mountain range

Rugged Mountain Range

wide urban river

Wide Urban River

close up of pencil shavings

Close Up Of Pencil Shavings

brown llama poses

Brown Llama Poses

white waterfalls

White Waterfalls

journalling on the couch

Journalling On The Couch

hands typing away on the keyboard

Hands Typing Away On The Keyboard

smiling santa

Smiling Santa

sharing santa

Sharing Santa

single light on in building

Single Light On In Building

rocky cliffs roll back from the cold grey sea

Rocky Cliffs Roll Back From The Cold Grey Sea

woman stands at the edge of an orchard

Woman Stands At The Edge Of An Orchard

bfcm typed on white paper

BFCM Typed On White Paper

tangled branches of orange trees laden with fruit

Tangled Branches Of Orange Trees Laden With Fruit

multiple colored shirts along a rail

Multiple Colored Shirts Along A Rail

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

urban shoreline

Urban Shoreline

aerial view of swimming pool and waterslides from drone

Aerial View Of Swimming Pool And Waterslides From Drone