Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

cherry blossom bloomed branch

Cherry Blossom Bloomed Branch

evergreen tips

Evergreen Tips

lone swan on dark water

Lone Swan On Dark Water

flamingo faces

Flamingo Faces

pistachio nuts texture

Pistachio Nuts Texture

two feet emerge from under a blanket in the morgue

Two Feet emerge From Under A Blanket In The Morgue

grape hyacinths against pink background

Grape Hyacinths Against Pink Background

rusting freighter on icy sea

Rusting Freighter On Icy Sea

outer walls of building with several windows

Outer Walls Of Building With Several Windows

bar in dance studio warm up

Bar In Dance Studio Warm Up

aerial view of blank section of corn field from drone

Aerial View Of Blank Section Of Corn Field From Drone

beaten dirt road between rows of orange trees in orchard

Beaten Dirt Road Between Rows Of Orange Trees In Orchard

golden chains

Golden Chains

macro image of cake sprinkles

Macro Image Of Cake Sprinkles

roa around a building

Roa Around A Building

white van drives down city street

White Van Drives Down City Street

couple entwined arms toast

Couple Entwined Arms Toast

swing bridge above frozen river surrounded by snow

Swing Bridge Above Frozen River Surrounded By Snow

fall leaves hanging from branch

Fall Leaves Hanging From Branch

striking white chicken portrait

Striking White Chicken Portrait

wet snake skin

Wet Snake Skin

corn in dry husk

Corn In Dry Husk

close up of puppy nose

Close Up Of Puppy Nose

winter log pile

Winter Log Pile

dark denim jeans and fashion sneakers reflect in city puddle

Dark Denim Jeans And Fashion Sneakers Reflect In City Puddle

craggy cliffs meet blue waters

Craggy Cliffs Meet Blue Waters

white falling water

White Falling Water

woodland bluebells in the sunset

Woodland Bluebells In The Sunset

upside down bedroom fashion

Upside Down Bedroom Fashion

filing wood on a work bench

Filing Wood On A Work Bench

junkyard car interior

Junkyard Car Interior

sliver of an island

Sliver Of An Island

striped butterfly with open wingspan on leaf

Striped Butterfly With Open Wingspan On Leaf

waterfall rains down to the rocks below

Waterfall Rains Down To The Rocks Below

citrus slices with blank space

Citrus Slices With Blank Space

ornate white birthday cake

Ornate White Birthday Cake

black chicken posing

Black Chicken Posing

blue and white muscari flowers on pink

Blue And White Muscari Flowers On Pink

bike ride handlebars

Bike Ride Handlebars

sign saying celebrate earth day

Sign Saying Celebrate Earth Day

little flowers huddled around a branch in the dark

Little Flowers Huddled Around A Branch In The Dark

aerial view of trees on a red-soil hillside

Aerial View Of Trees On A Red-Soil Hillside

close up of butterfly finding food on tree

Close Up Of Butterfly Finding Food On Tree

cascading waterfall cuts through layers of rocky cliffside

Cascading Waterfall Cuts Through Layers Of Rocky Cliffside

person celebrating earth day

Person Celebrating Earth Day

decorations face the light

Decorations Face The Light

grape hyacinths in vase

Grape Hyacinths In Vase

towering palm trees and lily pads surround florida pond

Towering Palm Trees And Lily Pads Surround Florida Pond

man on ladder changing outdoor light

Man On Ladder Changing Outdoor Light

two feet emerge from the darkness of the morgue freezer

Two Feet Emerge From The Darkness Of The Morgue Freezer