Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

the sun on an art deco facade

The Sun On An Art Deco Facade

hiking trail in the snow

Hiking Trail In The Snow

wide waterfall from above

Wide Waterfall From Above

rooftops and pools of a florida residential neighbourhood

Rooftops And Pools Of A Florida Residential Neighbourhood

spiky brown flowers

Spiky Brown Flowers

boating adventures with friends

Boating Adventures With Friends

portrait image of festive scene

Portrait Image Of Festive Scene

ballet dancer in tutu

Ballet Dancer In Tutu

ho ho ho

Ho Ho Ho

busy downtown freeway

Busy Downtown Freeway

orchard hills rolling over horizon

Orchard Hills Rolling Over Horizon

white petals of a flower bright against the dark

White Petals Of A Flower Bright Against The Dark

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

crouching to pick strawberries

Crouching To Pick Strawberries

young woman leaned into window frame

Young Woman Leaned Into Window Frame

just chilling in white speckled fashion sneakers in alley

Just Chilling In White Speckled Fashion Sneakers In Alley

rear view of jewelers desk

Rear View Of Jewelers Desk

ballet dancer open arms

Ballet Dancer Open Arms

concrete industrial walls

Concrete Industrial Walls

drone view of secluded beach

Drone View Of Secluded Beach

young trees encroaching on old, dead trees

Young Trees Encroaching On Old, Dead Trees

closer up person holding a small pride flag

Closer Up Person Holding A Small Pride Flag

woman replaces fine saw blade

Woman Replaces Fine Saw Blade

close up of pencil tips

Close Up Of Pencil Tips

ballet in red skirt with toe shoes

Ballet In Red Skirt With Toe Shoes

hill-top castle

Hill-top Castle

full crop field

Full Crop Field

close up of pencil shavings

Close Up Of Pencil Shavings

telling santa

Telling Santa

lime slices pile

Lime Slices Pile

pink flamingo long neck

Pink Flamingo Long Neck

bar shot glasses

Bar Shot Glasses

the words vaccine on a typewriter

The Words Vaccine On A Typewriter

close up white lily of the valley flower

Close Up White Lily Of The Valley Flower

yellow writing pencils arranged in lines

Yellow Writing Pencils Arranged In Lines

foggy walking bridge

Foggy Walking Bridge

close up of a worn barn exterior

Close Up Of A Worn Barn Exterior

wall-mounted water fountain

Wall-mounted Water Fountain

santa celebrates!

Santa Celebrates!

green pencil shavings

Green Pencil Shavings

close up of a woman looking at the camera

Close Up Of A Woman Looking At The Camera

stepping through a winter wonderland

Stepping Through A Winter Wonderland

bridge overlooking steep rocks and waterfall

Bridge Overlooking Steep Rocks And Waterfall

work from home a typewritten message

Work From Home A Typewritten Message

santa forgets his beard

Santa Forgets his Beard

icicles wall

Icicles Wall

dark island

Dark Island

purple and green

Purple And Green

heating metal ring

Heating Metal Ring

red rooftops and curved streets of lisbon portugal

Red Rooftops And Curved Streets Of Lisbon Portugal