Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4574 photos since February 2017

$ typed on typewriter

$ Typed On Typewriter

text on typewriter states winter is coming

Text On Typewriter States Winter Is Coming

palace tourists

Palace Tourists

apartment pin pad

Apartment Pin Pad

fierce chicken gazes at camera

Fierce Chicken Gazes At Camera

ice fall

Ice Fall

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

thoughtful hen

Thoughtful Hen

mountain peaks and blue sky

Mountain Peaks And Blue Sky

close up of christmas decorations

Close Up Of Christmas Decorations

santa sits by the fireplace

Santa Sits By The Fireplace

text on typewriter states 'time's up'

Text On Typewriter States 'Time's Up'

woman works while dog watches

Woman Works While Dog Watches

close-up of handheld tools

Close-up Of Handheld Tools

mellow mallard

Mellow Mallard

gnarly tree bark

Gnarly Tree Bark

groups of icicles hang from a trees branches

Groups Of Icicles Hang From A Trees Branches

quiet frozen lake

Quiet Frozen Lake

waterfall over ice

Waterfall Over Ice

christmas tree selecting

Christmas Tree Selecting

flash santa

Flash Santa

lush green hedges surround carved marble stairs and statues

Lush Green Hedges Surround Carved Marble Stairs And Statues

a tower viewer tinged by the setting sun

A Tower Viewer Tinged By the Setting Sun

christmas tree search

Christmas Tree Search

row of saws

Row Of Saws

santa shows a newly wrapped gfit

Santa Shows A Newly Wrapped Gfit

politics on a typewriter machine

Politics On A Typewriter Machine

$ on typewriter

$ On Typewriter

model wearing a chunky necklace and pastel jacket

Model Wearing A Chunky Necklace and Pastel Jacket

textured white plywood

Textured White Plywood

ring sizing loop

Ring Sizing Loop

water flowing over ice

Water Flowing Over Ice

christmas trees for sale

Christmas Trees For Sale

perfect christmas pine tree

Perfect Christmas Pine Tree

santa eats a cookie

Santa Eats A Cookie

naughty or nice list

Naughty Or Nice List

model rests on bench showing off her spring style

Model Rests On Bench Showing Off Her Spring Style

rear view of jewelers desk

Rear View Of Jewelers Desk

young one meets santa claus

Young one Meets Santa Claus

mitts and pine tree

Mitts And Pine Tree

elevador de santa justa in lisbon portugal

Elevador De Santa Justa In Lisbon Portugal

typed text says 'politics'

Typed Text Says 'Politics'

molten metal drop on bed of ash

Molten Metal Drop On Bed Of Ash

model chicken

Model Chicken

small building on pier

Small Building On Pier

child meets santa

Child Meets Santa

do you have a message for santa

Do You Have A Message For Santa

sparking metalwork

Sparking Metalwork

desert cactus

Desert Cactus

child with santa claus

Child With Santa Claus