Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

looking down at spray cans

Looking Down At Spray Cans

too many stairs

Too Many Stairs

young woman leaned into window frame

Young Woman Leaned Into Window Frame

toothless upper jaw of human skull

Toothless Upper Jaw Of Human Skull

ariel view of ice formations along the water

Ariel View Of Ice Formations Along The Water

letter to self

Letter To Self

cloudy mist falls

Cloudy Mist Falls

not the usual paddling pool

Not The Usual Paddling Pool

large boulders emerge from water at the shoreline

Large Boulders Emerge From Water At The Shoreline

glittery hand in happy new year ribbon

Glittery Hand In Happy New Year Ribbon

having fun with radishs

Having Fun With Radishs

pollen-covered lily

Pollen-covered Lily

second horizon

Second Horizon

town street lit up

Town Street Lit Up

a tree by an old building

A Tree By An Old Building

portrait of man as the barber adds final touches

Portrait Of Man As The Barber Adds Final Touches

brussels griffon looking for treats

Brussels Griffon Looking For Treats

jeweler working on ring

Jeweler Working On Ring

dry rough rock face texture

Dry Rough Rock Face Texture

hands passing curbside pickup order

Hands Passing Curbside Pickup Order

groceries safely exchanging hands

Groceries Safely Exchanging Hands

loop, swoop and pull tight

Loop, Swoop And Pull Tight

snow-covered circular streets

Snow-Covered Circular Streets

profile of a puppy standing tall

Profile Of A Puppy Standing Tall

santa shows a newly wrapped gfit

Santa Shows A Newly Wrapped Gfit

rusty butcher's cleaver

Rusty Butcher's Cleaver

telling santa

Telling Santa

santa smiles

Santa Smiles

ho ho ho

Ho Ho Ho

an iron staircase stretches from the grass up the building

An Iron Staircase Stretches From The Grass Up The Building

a hand pressed against smoked glass

A Hand Pressed Against Smoked Glass

backspace typewriter key

Backspace Typewriter Key

lime slices pile

Lime Slices Pile

close up of baked sliced oranges

Close Up Of Baked Sliced Oranges

close up white lily of the valley flower

Close Up White Lily Of The Valley Flower

sizing a ring while using a loupe

Sizing A Ring While Using A Loupe

world trade centre station ceiling

World Trade Centre Station Ceiling

a figure on a cliff overlooking the ocean under a grey sky

A Figure On A Cliff Overlooking The Ocean Under A Grey Sky

small bird sits on a bare tree branch

Small Bird Sits On A Bare Tree Branch

monochrome 2021 flat lay

Monochrome 2021 Flat Lay

man wearing mask close up

Man Wearing Mask Close Up

secretly looking at a castle

Secretly Looking At A Castle

aerial view of busy beach

Aerial View Of Busy Beach

metal stairwell behind glass windows

Metal Stairwell Behind Glass Windows

an iron staircase winds around a building

An Iron Staircase Winds Around A Building

branches over river in fall

Branches Over River In Fall

mixed coloring pencil shavings

Mixed Coloring Pencil Shavings

preparing to finish a ring

Preparing To Finish A Ring

naughty or nice list

Naughty Or Nice List

cn tower in fog

CN Tower In Fog