Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

paws on a fluffy white blanket

Paws On A Fluffy White Blanket

curvy castle walls

Curvy Castle Walls

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

pencils, shavings, and sharpener

Pencils, Shavings, And Sharpener

woman on beach with colourful camera

Woman On Beach With Colourful Camera

where is tree waldo

Where Is Tree Waldo

evergreens peek through snow

Evergreens Peek Through Snow

school bus parking lot

School Bus Parking Lot

sun on niagara

Sun On Niagara

little flowers huddled around a branch in the dark

Little Flowers Huddled Around A Branch In The Dark

a row of birds on the waters edge

A Row Of Birds On The Waters Edge

worn wood texture close up

Worn Wood Texture Close Up

grey iron staircase between two buildings

Grey Iron Staircase Between Two Buildings

a fisherman reels in

A Fisherman Reels In

santa pants

Santa Pants

pencils, parings, space

Pencils, Parings, Space

teal sky peeking through moss covered branches

Teal Sky Peeking Through Moss Covered Branches

inspect a strawberry

Inspect A Strawberry

branches over river in fall

Branches Over River In Fall

water skiing circles

Water Skiing Circles

water droplet on evergreen tree

Water Droplet On Evergreen Tree

builders chatting on scaffolding

Builders Chatting On Scaffolding

barber shaves side of persons head

Barber Shaves Side Of Persons Head

christmas trees for sale

Christmas Trees For Sale

bouquet of white blossomed flowers

Bouquet Of White Blossomed Flowers

sitting for a moment to tie the laces of fashion sneakers

Sitting For A Moment To Tie The Laces Of Fashion Sneakers

purple and red marbling abstract view

Purple And Red Marbling Abstract View

rover river from above

Rover River From Above

a staircase climbs a building

A Staircase Climbs A Building

toronto tower at night

Toronto Tower At Night

a barbers hands trim a customers hair

A Barbers Hands Trim A Customers Hair

barber wears a face mask while cutting hair

Barber Wears A Face Mask While Cutting Hair

cactus cluster

Cactus Cluster

flowering tree near building

Flowering Tree Near Building

houses under blue desert sky

Houses Under Blue Desert Sky

shattered windows in grey buildings

Shattered Windows In Grey Buildings

placing some groceries in trunk for curbside pickup

Placing Some Groceries In Trunk For Curbside Pickup

view down curved city street between buildings

View Down Curved City Street Between Buildings

close up of the texture of romanesco broccoli

Close Up Of The Texture Of Romanesco Broccoli

the start of all great letters...

The Start Of All Great Letters...

standing at the base of a pristine forest waterfall

Standing At The Base Of A Pristine Forest WaterFall

ship touches sea wall

Ship Touches Sea Wall

santa snacks

Santa Snacks

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

cascading waterfall cuts through layers of rocky cliffside

Cascading Waterfall Cuts Through Layers Of Rocky Cliffside

hockey night in somewhere cold!

Hockey Night In Somewhere Cold!

rustic old window in a stone building

Rustic Old Window In A Stone Building

close up of puppys eyes

Close Up Of Puppys Eyes

mixed coloring pencil shavings

Mixed Coloring Pencil Shavings

filing wood on a work bench

Filing Wood On A Work Bench