Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4435 photos since February 2017

a tower viewer overlooks a watery grey shoreline

A Tower Viewer Overlooks A Watery Grey Shoreline

underground commute

Underground Commute

a birds eye view of a city

A Birds Eye View Of A City

seasons in a forest

Seasons In A Forest

back to school on a typewriter machine

Back To School On A Typewriter Machine

santa's big red bag of toys

Santa's Big Red Bag Of Toys

santa in the dark

Santa In The Dark

santa means business

Santa Means Business

red and yellow castle

Red And Yellow Castle

river ferry boat

River Ferry Boat

a mortician prepares a body for the freezer in the morgue

A Mortician Prepares A Body For the Freezer In The Morgue

christmas decorations in the dark

Christmas Decorations In The Dark

typewriter love

Typewriter Love

overhead view of city skyline with pink sunset behind

Overhead View Of City Skyline With Pink Sunset Behind

a man pushes a body on a tray into the freezer in the morgue

A Man Pushes A Body On A Tray Into The Freezer In The Morgue

desert homes

Desert Homes

santa taking time

Santa Taking Time

cookie and milk for santa

Cookie And Milk For Santa

red rooftops and curved streets of lisbon portugal

Red Rooftops And Curved Streets Of Lisbon Portugal

view of lisbon city skyline and sunset framed by trees

View Of Lisbon City Skyline And Sunset Framed By Trees

a tower viewer framed by a dull grey sky

A Tower Viewer Framed By A Dull Grey Sky

a tower viewer still glittering in water droplets

A Tower Viewer Still Glittering in Water Droplets

lounging santa

Lounging Santa

a close-up of santa's face

A Close-Up Of Santa's Face

santa eats cookies

Santa Eats Cookies

lower view of green and white chairs in barbershop

Lower View Of Green And White Chairs In Barbershop

believe ornament

Believe Ornament

santa checks his phone

Santa Checks His Phone

iconic santa

Iconic Santa

sharing santa

Sharing Santa

single light on in building

Single Light On In Building

telling santa

Telling Santa

christmas tree shopping

Christmas Tree Shopping

santa sets down his bag of toys

Santa Sets Down His Bag Of Toys

santa snacks

Santa Snacks

sale on typewriter !

Sale On Typewriter !

fir tree close up

Fir Tree Close Up

winter fashion tree hunt

WInter Fashion Tree hunt

dear santa

Dear Santa

texting santa

Texting Santa

santa examines his naughty or nice list

Santa Examines His Naughty Or Nice List

santa fixes the bow on a gift

Santa Fixes The Bow On A Gift

drones view of city sprawl of lisbon portugal

Drones View Of City Sprawl Of Lisbon Portugal

typewrite says start today

Typewrite Says Start Today

scrubby desert hillside

Scrubby Desert Hillside

desert walking

Desert Walking

a body sits in a slider under a blanket in the morgue

A Body Sits In A Slider Under A Blanket In The Morgue

checking his list twice

Checking His List Twice

time's up on a typewriter machine

Time's Up On A Typewriter Machine

decorations face the light

Decorations Face The Light