Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

sheep by fence

Sheep By Fence

saddles & cowboy supplies

Saddles & Cowboy Supplies

rooftop growth

Rooftop Growth

rock wall wire window

Rock Wall Wire Window

red lamp in green park

Red Lamp In Green Park

petting zoo goat

Petting Zoo Goat

petting zoo chicken

Petting Zoo Chicken

old shingles

Old Shingles

nature photographers shooting

Nature Photographers Shooting

napping sheep

Napping Sheep

mossy rooftop

Mossy Rooftop

marsh branches

Marsh Branches

long horse face

Long Horse Face

kids on field trip

Kids On Field Trip

kid's backpacks

Kid's Backpacks

kids at the farm

Kids At The Farm

ivy vine wall

Ivy Vine Wall

how now brown cow

How Now Brown Cow

horse nose

Horse Nose

horse eye close up

Horse Eye Close Up

head of cow resting on farm

Head Of Cow Resting On Farm

hand petting goat

Hand Petting Goat

halters & saddles

Halters & Saddles

goats on farm

Goats On Farm

goat peeking into frame

Goat Peeking Into Frame

goat laughing

Goat Laughing

farm tools

Farm Tools

farm sheep resting

Farm Sheep Resting

farm goats

Farm Goats

farm goats stare

Farm Goats Stare

farm chicken

Farm Chicken

egg in swamp

Egg In Swamp

dark goat on farm

Dark Goat On Farm

cow foot

Cow Foot

close up swamp greens

Close Up Swamp Greens

close up cows nose

Close Up Cows Nose

children lined up

Children Lined Up

chickens in coop

Chickens In Coop

chicken in grass

Chicken In Grass

chicken adventure

Chicken Adventure

butterfly on rock

Butterfly On Rock

brown horse eye

Brown Horse Eye

brown goat

Brown Goat

branches in bog

Branches In Bog

black brown goat

Black Brown Goat

barn wood texture

Barn Wood Texture

barn sign

Barn Sign

antique door handle

Antique Door Handle

vintage typewriter in shadow

Vintage Typewriter In Shadow

typewriter keys

Typewriter Keys