Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

round parkade architecture

Round Parkade Architecture

peach flower in dark

Peach Flower In Dark

mossy forest hike

Mossy Forest Hike

modern curvy towers

Modern Curvy Towers

man walking by orange

Man Walking By Orange

man canoeing on water

Man Canoeing On Water

kensington sign

Kensington Sign

iphone forest photo

IPhone Forest Photo

highway lights at night

Highway Lights At Night

hay bail close up

Hay Bail Close Up

hawk in foggy woods

Hawk In Foggy Woods

foggy forest hike

Foggy Forest Hike

foggy city traffic

Foggy City Traffic

dog fetching disc

Dog Fetching Disc

dentist light

Dentist Light

dental tool assortment

Dental Tool Assortment

demolition building

Demolition Building

creative brain storm

Creative Brain Storm

confused pug

Confused Pug

city winter street

City Winter Street

chain link fence

Chain Link Fence

carnival in full swing

Carnival In Full Swing

busy beach

Busy Beach

boxes for shipping

Boxes For Shipping

autumn hike at waterfall

Autumn Hike At Waterfall

rusty welcome sign

Rusty Welcome Sign

phone numbers

Phone Numbers

payphone buttons

Payphone Buttons

old payphone keyboard

Old Payphone Keyboard

hanger open sign

Hanger Open Sign

fall berries

Fall Berries

chrome engine close up

Chrome Engine Close Up

bittersweet vine berries

Bittersweet Vine Berries

aged staples texture

Aged Staples Texture

business team meeting in boardroom

Business Team Meeting In Boardroom

simple blue typewriter

Simple Blue Typewriter

yelling goat

Yelling Goat

washroom sign

Washroom Sign

toddler in sunbeam

Toddler In Sunbeam

tiny frog in hand

Tiny Frog In Hand

swamplands in summer

Swamplands In Summer

swamp water branch

Swamp Water Branch

swamp grass egg

Swamp Grass Egg

stairs in vines

Stairs In Vines

spotted farm chicken

Spotted Farm Chicken

sheep's wool texture

Sheep's Wool Texture

sheep wool texture

Sheep Wool Texture

sheep on farm land

Sheep On Farm Land

sheep laying in grass

Sheep Laying In Grass

sheep hooves

Sheep Hooves