Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

blue and brown butterfly on tree

Blue And Brown Butterfly On Tree

woman sits on bed and looks up

Woman Sits On Bed And Looks Up

santa sets down his bag of toys

Santa Sets Down His Bag Of Toys

heating metal with blowtorch

Heating Metal With Blowtorch

white flowers with yellow stamen on a branch

White Flowers With Yellow Stamen On A Branch

little flowers huddled around a branch in the dark

Little Flowers Huddled Around A Branch In The Dark

a close up of two muscari flowers

A Close Up Of Two Muscari Flowers

icy tree

Icy Tree

pencils, shavings, and sharpener

Pencils, Shavings, And Sharpener

sun on niagara

Sun On Niagara

a white flower on a twig in the dark

A White Flower On A Twig In The Dark

an industrial tower against a grey sky

An Industrial Tower Against A Grey Sky

rooftops and pools of a florida residential neighbourhood

Rooftops And Pools Of A Florida Residential Neighbourhood

woman swimming through yellow ball pool

Woman Swimming Through Yellow Ball Pool

a retail customer with a face mask

A Retail Customer With A Face Mask

washing skyscraper windows

Washing Skyscraper Windows

suede boots fashion

Suede Boots Fashion

overhead of a sign that reads happy earth day

Overhead Of A Sign That Reads Happy Earth Day

standing at the base of a pristine forest waterfall

Standing At The Base Of A Pristine Forest WaterFall

fir tree close up

Fir Tree Close Up

wide waterfall from above

Wide Waterfall From Above

emerald green tennis court as seen from above by a drone

Emerald Green Tennis Court As Seen From Above By A Drone

white flower with folded petals on blue background

White Flower With Folded Petals On Blue Background

woman replaces fine saw blade

Woman Replaces Fine Saw Blade

ice fall

Ice Fall

don't go chasing waterfalls

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

railway tracks run through autumn landscape

Railway Tracks Run Through Autumn Landscape

komodo looking back at me

Komodo Looking Back At Me

lifeguard stand on grey beach

Lifeguard Stand On Grey Beach

package left at the front door

Package Left At The Front Door

rocky outcrops creep into the water

Rocky Outcrops Creep Into The Water

three surgeons in scrubs

Three Surgeons In Scrubs

a staircase climbs a building

A Staircase Climbs A Building

a budding magnolia flower emerges

A Budding Magnolia Flower Emerges

hand traces lines on large old bible

Hand Traces Lines On Large Old Bible

barber hair trimmers hang up on hooks

Barber Hair Trimmers Hang Up On Hooks

angel of the waters statue

Angel Of The Waters Statue

macro bee polinating yellow flower

Macro Bee Polinating Yellow Flower

paws of a puppy on a soft white blanket

Paws Of A Puppy On A Soft White Blanket

barber at work while wearing face mask

Barber At Work While Wearing Face Mask

pine tree top

Pine Tree Top

mixed coloring pencil shavings

Mixed Coloring Pencil Shavings

craggy cliffs meet blue waters

Craggy Cliffs Meet Blue Waters

man picks up his order from a local shop

Man Picks Up His Order From A Local Shop

sizing a ring while using a loupe

Sizing A Ring While Using A Loupe

ready to pay?

Ready to Pay?

farm tracks by the forest

Farm Tracks By The Forest

ship touches sea wall

Ship Touches Sea Wall

bouquet of white blossomed flowers

Bouquet Of White Blossomed Flowers

work from home a typewritten message

Work From Home A Typewritten Message