Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

view of mountain homes above water

View Of Mountain Homes Above Water

pumpkin patch selection

Pumpkin Patch Selection

looking through the lens of a film camera

Looking Through The Lens Of A Film Camera

woman enjoying a cup of black coffee

Woman Enjoying A Cup Of Black Coffee

woman drinking cocktail

Woman Drinking Cocktail

abstract photo of orange and green marbling

Abstract Photo Of Orange And Green Marbling

make it with fire!

Make It With Fire!

cn tower in fog

CN Tower In Fog

creamy billows of smoke in a lilac space

Creamy Billows Of Smoke In A Lilac Space

close up man making pour over coffee

Close Up Man Making Pour Over Coffee

a city meets the woods

A City Meets The Woods

dirt road through the fields

Dirt Road Through The Fields

looking down at spray cans

Looking Down At Spray Cans

portrait holding a small pride flag

Portrait Holding A Small Pride Flag

yay santa!

Yay Santa!

typewrite says back to school

Typewrite Says Back To School

knuckles tighten on two hands squeezing the bars of their prison

Knuckles Tighten On Two Hands Squeezing The Bars Of Their Prison

butterfly with open wings sat on green leaf

Butterfly With Open Wings sat On Green Leaf

pencil shavings on pink

Pencil Shavings On Pink

dried up flower in the wild

Dried Up Flower In The Wild

morning pour over coffee in kitchen

Morning Pour Over Coffee In Kitchen

rattle snake rattler

Rattle Snake Rattler

muddled city block

Muddled City Block

aerial view of two women sitting on sandy beach

Aerial View Of Two Women Sitting On Sandy Beach

aerial shot of sparse forest with red soil

Aerial Shot Of Sparse Forest With Red Soil

fresh mixed herbs

Fresh Mixed Herbs

komodo dragon tongue

Komodo Dragon Tongue

night bridge in boston

Night Bridge In Boston

evergreen tips

Evergreen Tips

paws of a puppy on a soft white blanket

Paws Of A Puppy On A Soft White Blanket

waterfall over rock face

Waterfall Over Rock Face

ice meets water

Ice Meets Water

smile for the camera!

Smile For The Camera!

lone swan on dark water

Lone Swan On Dark Water

aerial photography fall leaves and waterfall

Aerial Photography Fall Leaves And Waterfall

happy earth day sign in flowers

Happy Earth Day Sign In Flowers

womans hand liting birthday candles

Womans Hand Liting Birthday Candles

aerial view of blank section of corn field from drone

Aerial View Of Blank Section Of Corn Field From Drone

look down at frost covered rocks

Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

droplets collect on the tips of spruce needles

Droplets Collect On The Tips Of Spruce Needles

ready to pay?

Ready to Pay?

colorful magnolia pedals emerge

Colorful Magnolia Pedals Emerge

azure windows through craggy cliffs

Azure Windows Through Craggy Cliffs

person dangles hair over gilded tome

Person Dangles Hair Over Gilded Tome

man at snowy waters edge

Man At Snowy Waters Edge

squirrel in tree eating

Squirrel In Tree Eating

seasoned beetroot salad

Seasoned Beetroot Salad

grape hyacinths against pink background

Grape Hyacinths Against Pink Background

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

coloring pencils and shavings

Coloring Pencils And Shavings