Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

womans hand liting birthday candles

Womans Hand Liting Birthday Candles

desert homes

Desert Homes

look down at frost covered rocks

Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

typewriter close up

Typewriter Close Up

profile of a man getting his hair cut

Profile Of A Man Getting His Hair Cut

cn tower in fog

CN Tower In Fog

blue and white muscari flowers on pink

Blue And White Muscari Flowers On Pink

corn plant roots

Corn Plant Roots

bright bold fashion sneakers held delicately between fingers

Bright Bold Fashion Sneakers Held Delicately Between Fingers

skylon tower and blue skyes

Skylon Tower And Blue Skyes

city street in portugal

City Street In Portugal

mucky boots tell tales of travel

Mucky Boots Tell Tales Of Travel

young woman provides a helping hand to butterfly

Young Woman Provides A Helping Hand To Butterfly

cliff view of beach

Cliff View Of Beach

man gives woman a piggyback in the snowy woods

Man Gives Woman A Piggyback In The Snowy Woods

ballet stretch and warm up

Ballet Stretch And Warm Up

empty foggy pedestrian bridge

Empty Foggy Pedestrian Bridge

pink and silver wreath

Pink And Silver Wreath

the turbine watchman

The Turbine Watchman

crane walking away in water

Crane Walking Away In Water

droplets collect on the tips of spruce needles

Droplets Collect On The Tips Of Spruce Needles

half bloomed cherry blossom tree

Half Bloomed Cherry Blossom Tree

work from home a typewritten message in portrait

Work From Home A Typewritten Message In Portrait

quiet frozen lake

Quiet Frozen Lake

back to school on a typewriter machine

Back To School On A Typewriter Machine

fall river

Fall River

butterfly with open wings sat on green leaf

Butterfly With Open Wings sat On Green Leaf

road sign meaning dead end among green trees

Road Sign Meaning Dead End Among Green Trees

man getting his beard trimmed by barber

Man Getting His Beard Trimmed By Barber

second horizon

Second Horizon

holding small pumpkin in front of face

Holding Small Pumpkin In Front Of Face

tunnel opens out to waterfall

Tunnel Opens Out To Waterfall

lyrics or list?

Lyrics Or List?

a couple strolls through a snow-covered forest

A Couple Strolls Through A Snow-Covered Forest

aerial photography fall leaves and waterfall

Aerial Photography Fall Leaves And Waterfall

frozen falls

Frozen Falls

woman hides behind dry harvest leaves

Woman Hides Behind Dry Harvest Leaves

home office a typewritten message

Home Office A Typewritten Message

close up man making pour over coffee

Close Up Man Making Pour Over Coffee

tightly lined pencils and shavings

Tightly Lined Pencils And Shavings

close up of butterfly spreading wings on the ground

Close Up of Butterfly Spreading Wings On The Ground

paws of a puppy on a soft white blanket

Paws Of A Puppy On A Soft White Blanket

all in a day's work for this window washer

All In A Day's Work For This Window Washer

side of beige buildings with two windows

Side Of Beige Buildings With Two Windows

text on typewriter states you live, you learn

Text On Typewriter States You Live, You Learn

blue and brown butterfly on tree

Blue And Brown Butterfly On Tree

ornate stone building

Ornate Stone Building

sea wading

Sea Wading

barber at work while wearing face mask

Barber At Work While Wearing Face Mask

a purple spray

A Purple Spray