Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4740 photos since February 2017

two sheep one orchard

Two Sheep One Orchard

sepia tinted council block apartments

Sepia Tinted Council Block Apartments

wilting petals on white flowers

Wilting Petals On White Flowers

sunlight shines through large mossy tree in lush backyard

Sunlight Shines Through Large Mossy Tree In Lush Backyard

nasal passage of human skull

Nasal Passage Of Human Skull

the tools for hockey

The Tools For Hockey

mountains in the desert

Mountains In The Desert

picking strawberries

Picking Strawberries

bite-size flat bread

Bite-size Flat Bread

park bench in a lush green oak and palm grove in florida

Park Bench In A Lush Green Oak And Palm Grove In Florida

a close up of a woman leaning into a window

A Close Up Of A Woman Leaning Into A Window

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

cloudy mist falls

Cloudy Mist Falls

red and green farm behind crop field

Red And Green Farm Behind Crop Field

leatherbound spine on embossed bible

Leatherbound Spine On Embossed Bible

hen perches

Hen Perches

bathers wade into turquoise waters off a sandy beach

Bathers Wade Into Turquoise Waters Off A Sandy Beach

closed on sunday

Closed On Sunday

the snow-white trees clustered together

The Snow-White Trees Clustered Together

peony blossom in a vase

Peony Blossom In A Vase

model wearing a gray hat and leather jacket

Model Wearing A Gray Hat and Leather Jacket

into the valley below

Into The Valley Below

two builders smile from scaffolding

Two Builders Smile From Scaffolding

sunset illuminates an empty hospital bed

Sunset Illuminates An Empty Hospital Bed

pencils, shavings, and sharpener

Pencils, Shavings, And Sharpener

rainbow falls

Rainbow Falls

wheat in the making

Wheat In The Making

bright bold fashion sneakers held delicately between fingers

Bright Bold Fashion Sneakers Held Delicately Between Fingers

lime slice close up

Lime Slice Close Up

aged brick wall

Aged Brick Wall

yellow writing pencils arranged in lines

Yellow Writing Pencils Arranged In Lines

water treatment plant from above

Water Treatment Plant From Above

wheel of carnival

Wheel Of Carnival

a waterfall in a rocky cavern

A Waterfall In A Rocky Cavern

bright oranges cling to healthy green branches of orchard

Bright Oranges Cling To Healthy Green Branches Of Orchard

towering palm trees and lily pads surround florida pond

Towering Palm Trees And Lily Pads Surround Florida Pond

arm reaching towards the open mouth of a koi fish in a pond

Arm Reaching Towards The Open Mouth Of A Koi Fish In A Pond

lily pads floating on top of florida park pond

Lily Pads Floating On Top Of Florida Park Pond

blue and white tiled church

Blue And White Tiled Church

sparkling city lights

Sparkling City Lights

hockey player catching their breath on the ice

Hockey Player Catching Their Breath On The Ice

inspect a strawberry

Inspect A Strawberry

looking down at spray cans

Looking Down At Spray Cans

don't go chasing waterfalls

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

two hands clench the bars of a prison cell

Two Hands Clench The Bars Of A Prison Cell

aged stone wall

Aged Stone Wall

holiday tree idea

Holiday Tree Idea

a golden beach below a cliff

A Golden Beach Below A Cliff

orange leaves on murky water

Orange Leaves On Murky Water

opening gifts christmas

Opening Gifts Christmas