Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4176 photos since February 2017

surgeon tying head scarf

Surgeon Tying Head Scarf

pink brick wall texture

Pink Brick Wall Texture

woman working on office sofa

Woman Working On Office Sofa

light behind leaf close up

Light Behind Leaf Close Up

canine staying cozy

Canine Staying Cozy

typing on apple computer

Typing On Apple Computer

urban community garden aerial

Urban Community Garden Aerial

flow chart presentation

Flow Chart Presentation

pouring cream into coffee

Pouring Cream Into Coffee

city winter street

City Winter Street

thoughtful students talk

Thoughtful Students Talk

dental office light

Dental Office Light

saving money piggy bank

Saving Money Piggy Bank

creative work with color options

Creative Work With Color Options

bright eyeshadow makeup

Bright Eyeshadow Makeup

coffee beans

Coffee Beans

pink yellow flowers on bed

Pink Yellow Flowers On Bed

cn tower closeup

CN Tower Closeup

tree branches at sunset

Tree Branches At Sunset

toddler opening gifts on christmas morning

Toddler Opening Gifts On Christmas Morning

handful of acorns

Handful Of Acorns

taking notes at desk

Taking Notes At Desk

womans hands working on laptop

Womans Hands Working On Laptop

laptop from side

Laptop From Side

serious woman with laptop

Serious Woman With Laptop

yoga eagle pose

Yoga Eagle Pose

dramatic portrait young woman

Dramatic Portrait Young Woman

shipping boxes on trolly close up

Shipping Boxes On Trolly Close Up

four hands meeting

Four Hands Meeting

water birds by icy lake

Water Birds By Icy Lake

sports stadium crowds

Sports Stadium Crowds

green leaf texture close up

Green Leaf Texture Close Up

white blue bathbomb

White Blue Bathbomb

busy friends working

Busy Friends Working

family of three decorates christmas tree

Family Of Three Decorates Christmas Tree

2019 written in lights

2019 Written In Lights

soccer field in the city

Soccer Field In The City

hands in light

Hands In Light

team brainstorm meeting in bright sunny office

Team Brainstorm Meeting In Bright Sunny Office

woman sitting on phone by modern office windows

Woman Sitting On Phone By Modern Office Windows

natarajasana yoga pose

Natarajasana Yoga Pose

artist painting in studio

Artist Painting In Studio

woman listening to music

Woman Listening To Music

pigeon pose

Pigeon Pose

couple walking through graffiti alley

Couple Walking Through Graffiti Alley

carnival in full swing

Carnival In Full Swing

yellow and purple ink with green

Yellow And Purple Ink With Green

woman with charcoal face mask

Woman With Charcoal Face Mask

fitness tracker

Fitness Tracker

woman wearing athletic leggings

Woman Wearing Athletic Leggings