Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4740 photos since February 2017

turntable needle

turntable Needle

record vinyl playing music

Record Vinyl Playing Music

record spinning

Record Spinning

record playing music

Record Playing Music

record player spinning

Record Player Spinning

record player needle

Record Player Needle

record player close up

Record Player Close Up

put the needle on the record

Put The Needle On The Record

needle on record

Needle On Record

united states money

United States Money

tight money roll

Tight Money Roll

ten dollar bills close up

Ten Dollar Bills Close Up

paper money detail

Paper Money Detail

paper money close up

Paper Money Close Up

money rolled

Money Rolled

money roll

Money Roll

money close up

Money Close Up

handful of cash

Handful Of Cash

cash smartphone

Cash Smartphone

cash close up

Cash Close Up

woman looking at waterfall

Woman Looking At Waterfall

woman holding stick

Woman Holding Stick

winter waterpark phone pic

Winter Waterpark Phone Pic

winter hay bails

Winter Hay Bails

walking in foggy woods

Walking In Foggy Woods

view of carnival lights

View Of Carnival Lights

streetcar at night

Streetcar At Night

storm clouds at sunset

Storm Clouds At Sunset

standing in woods

Standing In Woods

small chapel interior

Small Chapel Interior

row & sail boats

Row & Sail Boats

round parkade architecture

Round Parkade Architecture

peach flower in dark

Peach Flower In Dark

mossy forest hike

Mossy Forest Hike

modern curvy towers

Modern Curvy Towers

man walking by orange

Man Walking By Orange

man canoeing on water

Man Canoeing On Water

kensington sign

Kensington Sign

iphone forest photo

IPhone Forest Photo

highway lights at night

Highway Lights At Night

hay bail close up

Hay Bail Close Up

hawk in foggy woods

Hawk In Foggy Woods

foggy forest hike

Foggy Forest Hike

foggy city traffic

Foggy City Traffic

dog fetching disc

Dog Fetching Disc

dentist light

Dentist Light

dental tool assortment

Dental Tool Assortment

demolition building

Demolition Building

creative brain storm

Creative Brain Storm

confused pug

Confused Pug