Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4044 photos since February 2017

school bus parking lot aerial

School Bus Parking Lot Aerial

swimming pool from above

Swimming Pool From Above

security camera mounted on wall of window frames

Security Camera Mounted On Wall Of Window Frames

the air show streams

The Air Show Streams

standing in the river at the base of cascading waterfalls

Standing In The River At The Base Of Cascading Waterfalls

many tiny waterfalls

Many Tiny Waterfalls

looking down on soccer

Looking Down On Soccer

aerial view of river and pool

Aerial View of River And Pool

v island

V Island

silhouette cross

Silhouette Cross

model poses on cement stairs in denim and sneakers

Model Poses On Cement Stairs In Denim And Sneakers

dirt path reaches along line of florida orange orchard trees

Dirt Path Reaches Along Line Of Florida Orange Orchard Trees

zig-zag pencils

Zig-Zag Pencils

repeating pencils

Repeating Pencils

smiling beach photographer

Smiling Beach Photographer

murky quarry

Murky Quarry

standing at the base of a pristine forest waterfall

Standing At The Base Of A Pristine Forest WaterFall

a man sat on a hospital bed silhouetted against the window

A Man Sat On A Hospital Bed Silhouetted Against The Window

waterfalls on wide river

Waterfalls On Wide River

palm trees cluster in florida grove reach toward blue skies

Palm Trees Cluster In Florida Grove Reach Toward Blue Skies

mossy tree climbers

Mossy Tree Climbers

a etched cluster of bamboo stalks

A Etched Cluster of Bamboo stalks

security camera camouflaged on wall of window frames

Security Camera Camouflaged On Wall Of Window Frames

rushing water flows quickly away from cascading waterfalls

Rushing Water Flows Quickly Away From Cascading Waterfalls

waterfall in the woods

Waterfall In The Woods

dry leafless tree branches heavy with fruit reach skyward

Dry Leafless Tree Branches Heavy With Fruit Reach Skyward

woman dressed in white linen looks across lush florida park

Woman Dressed In White Linen Looks Across Lush Florida Park

city street as viewed from above

City Street As Viewed From Above

orange sunset over city landscape

Orange Sunset Over City Landscape

a city meets the woods

A City Meets The Woods

a doctor visits a woman in a hospital bed

A Doctor Visits A Woman In A Hospital Bed

a man sits on his hospital bed and stares at the ground

A Man Sits On His Hospital Bed And Stares At The Ground

spanish moss hanging from a tree limb

Spanish Moss Hanging From A Tree Limb

dirty water fall

Dirty Water Fall

sunset and cross

Sunset And Cross

waterfall quarry

Waterfall Quarry

staggered line of pencils

Staggered Line Of Pencils

sliver of an island

Sliver Of An Island

model in black and orange sneakers perched atop stairs

Model In Black And Orange Sneakers Perched Atop Stairs

white speckled sneakers and dark denim beside brick wall

White Speckled Sneakers And Dark Denim Beside Brick Wall

wide waterfall from above

Wide Waterfall From Above

clear blue skies peek through the branches of florida glade

Clear Blue Skies Peek Through The Branches Of Florida Glade

pencils, parings, space

Pencils, Parings, Space

close up of pencil shavings

Close Up Of Pencil Shavings

tram crosses intersection

Tram Crosses Intersection

frog sits in still water

Frog Sits In Still Water

the dark carnival

The Dark Carnival

cooling the countryside

Cooling The Countryside

preparation is key

Preparation Is Key

aerial view of busy beach

Aerial View Of Busy Beach