Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3905 photos since February 2017

teal sky peeking through moss covered branches

Teal Sky Peeking Through Moss Covered Branches

pine needle focus

Pine Needle Focus

ferris wheel at dusk

Ferris Wheel At Dusk

where is tree waldo

Where Is Tree Waldo

green and purple leaves in the evening

Green And Purple Leaves In The Evening

canola flower field

Canola Flower Field

mini jungle on the water

Mini Jungle On The Water

knuckles tighten on two hands squeezing the bars of their prison

Knuckles Tighten On Two Hands Squeezing The Bars Of Their Prison

many tiny waterfalls

Many Tiny Waterfalls

a close up of two muscari flowers

A Close Up Of Two Muscari Flowers

aquamarine hot air balloon rises into puffy clouds

Aquamarine Hot Air Balloon Rises Into Puffy Clouds

a etched cluster of bamboo stalks

A Etched Cluster of Bamboo stalks

water park day

Water Park Day

abstract wood chips

Abstract Wood Chips

a woman in a red jacket inspects her phone on a balcony

A Woman In A Red Jacket Inspects Her Phone On A Balcony

morgue attendant closing a freezer

Morgue Attendant Closing A Freezer

standing in the river at the base of cascading waterfalls

Standing In The River At The Base Of Cascading Waterfalls

standing at the base of a pristine forest waterfall

Standing At The Base Of A Pristine Forest WaterFall

floating observation deck

Floating Observation Deck

model in green sneakers and black denim leaning on wall

Model In Green Sneakers And Black Denim Leaning On Wall

a window washer dangles from a skyscraper

A Window Washer Dangles From A Skyscraper

palm trees cluster in florida grove reach toward blue skies

Palm Trees Cluster In Florida Grove Reach Toward Blue Skies

rushing water flows quickly away from cascading waterfalls

Rushing Water Flows Quickly Away From Cascading Waterfalls

waterfall in the woods

Waterfall In The Woods

waterfalls on wide river

Waterfalls On Wide River

dirt path reaches along line of florida orange orchard trees

Dirt Path Reaches Along Line Of Florida Orange Orchard Trees

seeking strawberries

Seeking Strawberries

woman displays strawberries

Woman Displays Strawberries

grey iron staircase between two buildings

Grey Iron Staircase Between Two Buildings

classic canadian concrete architecture

Classic Canadian Concrete Architecture

white nose and whiskers of a koi fish peer out of black pond

White Nose And Whiskers Of A Koi Fish Peer Out Of Black Pond

mossy tree climbers

Mossy Tree Climbers

grey storm clouds

Grey Storm Clouds

closed on sunday

Closed On Sunday

a single wall of fencing at the edge of woodland

A Single Wall Of Fencing At the Edge Of Woodland

a credit card transaction over a card reader

A Credit Card Transaction Over A Card Reader

posting hours

Posting Hours

lama looks left

Lama Looks Left

a city meets the woods

A City Meets The Woods

model poses on cement stairs in denim and sneakers

Model Poses On Cement Stairs In Denim And Sneakers

clear blue skies peek through the branches of florida glade

Clear Blue Skies Peek Through The Branches Of Florida Glade

spanish moss hanging from a tree limb

Spanish Moss Hanging From A Tree Limb

grapes to wine

Grapes To Wine

ariel water park

Ariel Water Park

ready to pay?

Ready to Pay?

wooden wall-mounted shelves

Wooden Wall-Mounted Shelves

cloudy ferris wheel ride

Cloudy Ferris Wheel Ride

model sitting quietly on cement wall to check their phone

Model Sitting Quietly On Cement Wall To Check Their Phone

waterfall quarry

Waterfall Quarry

dry leafless tree branches heavy with fruit reach skyward

Dry Leafless Tree Branches Heavy With Fruit Reach Skyward