Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4435 photos since February 2017

flying over rivers

Flying Over Rivers

one surgeon passes another a scalpel

One Surgeon Passes Another A Scalpel

the snow-white trees clustered together

The Snow-White Trees Clustered Together

lush palm fronds crowded together in sunshine

Lush Palm Fronds Crowded Together In Sunshine

ship touches sea wall

Ship Touches Sea Wall

grey skies over city lights

Grey Skies Over City Lights

surgeons huddled around a patient on a hospital bed

Surgeons Huddled Around A Patient On A Hospital Bed

orange leaves on murky water

Orange Leaves On Murky Water

young woman in sunglasses holding camera facing beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Holding Camera Facing Beach

security camera mounted on wall of window frames

Security Camera Mounted On Wall Of Window Frames

closed on sunday

Closed On Sunday

portrait image of multi-storey building

Portrait Image Of Multi-Storey Building

passengers waiting for the train

Passengers Waiting For The Train

bird island

Bird Island

lime slices pile

Lime Slices Pile

sea wading

Sea Wading

close up of a woman looking at the camera

Close Up Of A Woman Looking At The Camera

repeating pencils

Repeating Pencils

headless spray cans

Headless Spray Cans

screws loose

Screws Loose

evergreen tips

Evergreen Tips

arm reaching towards the open mouth of a koi fish in a pond

Arm Reaching Towards The Open Mouth Of A Koi Fish In A Pond

brown leaves on black water

Brown Leaves On Black Water

rainbow falls

Rainbow Falls

orange sunset over city landscape

Orange Sunset Over City Landscape

looking down at spray cans

Looking Down At Spray Cans

morgue attendant closing a freezer

Morgue Attendant Closing A Freezer

woodland bluebells in the sunset

Woodland Bluebells In The Sunset

a budding magnolia flower emerges

A Budding Magnolia Flower Emerges

white nose and whiskers of a koi fish peer out of black pond

White Nose And Whiskers Of A Koi Fish Peer Out Of Black Pond

hand traces lines on large old bible

Hand Traces Lines On Large Old Bible

intense red sunset over fields

Intense Red Sunset Over Fields

the air show streams

The Air Show Streams

a rusty weather-worn sign on a building

A Rusty Weather-Worn Sign On A Building

a stream cut dark shapes through the snow

A Stream Cut Dark Shapes Through The Snow

pov of hockey player handling puck

POV Of Hockey Player Handling Puck

yay christmas

YAY Christmas

holiday tree idea

Holiday Tree Idea

orange urban sunset

Orange Urban Sunset

dark island

Dark Island

picking strawberries

Picking Strawberries

hockey player catching their breath on the ice

Hockey Player Catching Their Breath On The Ice

slice of lime

Slice Of Lime

cloudy mist falls

Cloudy Mist Falls

hands gingerly hold human skull

Hands Gingerly Hold Human Skull

sparkling city lights

Sparkling City Lights

trainers in front of red wall

Trainers In Front Of Red Wall

a close up of a woman leaning into a window

A Close Up Of A Woman Leaning Into A Window

terracotta house with lush backyard

Terracotta House With Lush Backyard

sunlight shines through large mossy tree in lush backyard

Sunlight Shines Through Large Mossy Tree In Lush Backyard