Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4495 photos since February 2017

morning mobile work

Morning Mobile Work

three surgeons stand around a patient

Three Surgeons Stand Around A Patient

the sun on an art deco facade

The Sun On An Art Deco Facade

blue and brown butterfly on tree

Blue And Brown Butterfly On Tree

security camera on patterned building

Security Camera On Patterned Building

aerial view of water treatment plant

Aerial View Of Water Treatment Plant

rows of rubber duck toys

Rows Of Rubber Duck Toys

staring up at three surgeons mid-operation

Staring Up At Three Surgeons Mid-Operation

close up of tree bark

Close Up Of Tree Bark

sun-crisped palm leaves reach for the sun against a blue sky

Sun-Crisped Palm Leaves Reach For The Sun Against A Blue Sky

dead leaves lay on dark waters

Dead Leaves Lay On Dark Waters

urban window levels

Urban Window Levels

young woman in sunglasses taking photograph on beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Taking Photograph On Beach

woman holds yellow flower

Woman Holds Yellow Flower

dirt paths and flower walls

Dirt Paths And Flower Walls

a window washer dangles from a skyscraper

A Window Washer Dangles From A Skyscraper

white flowers in the dark

White Flowers In The Dark

drones view from overhead of florida homes in a cityscape

Drones View From Overhead Of Florida Homes In A Cityscape

thirsty koi fish

Thirsty Koi Fish

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

a moutain biker on a hillside

A Moutain Biker On A Hillside

white petals of a flower bright against the dark

White Petals Of A Flower Bright Against The Dark

a sea of blue bells in a dark field

A Sea Of Blue Bells In A Dark Field

water pours into the open mouth of orange and white koi fish

Water Pours Into The Open Mouth Of Orange And White Koi Fish

christmas home decor

Christmas Home Decor

purple and green

Purple And Green

sunlight and shadows catch every indentation of walking path

Sunlight And Shadows Catch Every Indentation Of Walking Path

man holds out carving knife

Man Holds Out Carving Knife

road runner plays hockey

Road Runner Plays Hockey

mom and newborn hands

Mom and Newborn Hands

peeling walls on a building facade

Peeling Walls On A Building Facade

split beach

Split Beach

seeds on a strawberry

Seeds On A Strawberry

grey skies over city lights

Grey Skies Over City Lights

hanging out riverside

Hanging Out Riverside

the air show streams

The Air Show Streams

a french bulldog stands proud in the sun

A French Bulldog Stands Proud In The Sun

leatherbound spine on embossed bible

Leatherbound Spine On Embossed Bible

celebrate on a typewriter machine

Celebrate On A Typewriter Machine

zig-zag pencils

Zig-Zag Pencils

security camera mounted on wall of window frames

Security Camera Mounted On Wall Of Window Frames

water throne

Water Throne

blue and white muscari flowers on pink

Blue And White Muscari Flowers On Pink

coloring pencils on black

Coloring Pencils On Black

are they ready?

Are They Ready?

white flowers with yellow stamen on a branch

White Flowers With Yellow Stamen On A Branch

natural destruction

Natural Destruction

nasal passage of human skull

Nasal Passage Of Human Skull

toothless upper jaw of human skull

Toothless Upper Jaw Of Human Skull

ripe strawberry on plant

Ripe Strawberry On Plant