Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4729 photos since February 2017

hiking trail in the snow

Hiking Trail In The Snow

some butterflies share a feast together

Some Butterflies Share A Feast Together

the toronto tower against a grey sky

The Toronto Tower Against A Grey Sky

yellow snow plow clearing suburban streets

Yellow Snow Plow Clearing Suburban Streets

black and white butterfly sat on a leaf

Black And White Butterfly Sat On A Leaf

new years resolutions on a typewriter machine

New Years Resolutions On A Typewriter Machine

golden city sun

Golden City Sun

roa around a building

Roa Around A Building

shiny classic car glows

Shiny Classic Car Glows

a man sits on his hospital bed and stares at the ground

A Man Sits On His Hospital Bed And Stares At The Ground

coloring pencils point to shavings

Coloring Pencils Point To Shavings

intense red sunset over fields

Intense Red Sunset Over Fields

three surgeons stand around a patient

Three Surgeons Stand Around A Patient

pair of hands hold a big book

Pair Of Hands Hold A Big Book

leather-bound book open on table

Leather-Bound Book Open On Table

hockey is more than a sport

Hockey Is More Than A Sport

snow-covered tree wall

Snow-Covered Tree Wall

seeds on a strawberry

Seeds On A Strawberry

a window washer dangles from a skyscraper

A Window Washer Dangles From A Skyscraper

magnolias in bloom

Magnolias In Bloom

ice covered rock by waters edge

Ice Covered Rock By Waters Edge

striped butterfly resting on a purple flower

Striped Butterfly Resting On A Purple Flower

canola flower field

Canola Flower Field

a man propped up in hospital bed with hands crossed

A Man Propped Up In Hospital Bed With Hands Crossed

cargo ship surrounded by ice

Cargo Ship Surrounded By Ice

green round buds macro

Green Round Buds Macro

nectar of the gods

Nectar Of The Gods

tying laces on steps

Tying Laces On Steps

rows of typewriter letters

Rows Of Typewriter Letters

barefoot in the sand

Barefoot In The Sand

young woman in sunglasses taking photograph on beach

Young Woman In Sunglasses Taking Photograph On Beach

waterfall in dense forest

Waterfall In Dense Forest

morning mobile work

Morning Mobile Work

too many stairs

Too Many Stairs

walking on dirt road

Walking On Dirt Road

rocks on the water surrounded by ice

Rocks On The Water Surrounded By Ice

look down at frost covered rocks

Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

empty shipping barge

Empty Shipping Barge

metal container with straws

Metal Container With Straws

creamy billows of smoke in a lilac space

Creamy Billows Of Smoke In A Lilac Space

an abandoned camper trailer parked in an open snow-covered field

An Abandoned Camper Trailer Parked In An Open snow-covered Field

typewriter technology

Typewriter Technology

where the street have no snow

Where The Street Have No Snow

brain on the outside

Brain On The Outside

young woman looks at phone while sitting on beach blanket

Young Woman Looks At Phone While Sitting On Beach Blanket

straws in metal holder

Straws In Metal Holder

mystery date

Mystery Date

morgue attendant closing a freezer

Morgue Attendant Closing A Freezer

grape hyacinths against gray background

Grape Hyacinths Against Gray Background

reader traces verse in weathered bible

Reader Traces Verse In Weathered Bible