Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4154 photos since February 2017

demolition of a building

Demolition Of A Building

a cluster of frosty tree-tops

A Cluster Of Frosty Tree-Tops

sunlight and shadows catch every indentation of walking path

Sunlight And Shadows Catch Every Indentation Of Walking Path

leatherbound spine on embossed bible

Leatherbound Spine On Embossed Bible

snow-covered tree wall

Snow-Covered Tree Wall

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

lime slice close up

Lime Slice Close Up

thirsty koi fish

Thirsty Koi Fish

aged leather-bound book with yellowing pages

Aged Leather-Bound Book With Yellowing Pages

dead leaves lay on dark waters

Dead Leaves Lay On Dark Waters

young woman in swimwear and sunglasses on sunny beach

Young Woman In Swimwear And Sunglasses On Sunny Beach

gentle purple flower

Gentle LavenderFlower

white petals of a flower bright against the dark

White Petals Of A Flower Bright Against The Dark

the toronto tower against a grey sky

The Toronto Tower Against A Grey Sky

reader traces verse in weathered bible

Reader Traces Verse In Weathered Bible

how to tie skates 101

How To Tie Skates 101

road runner plays hockey

Road Runner Plays Hockey

smiling beach photographer

Smiling Beach Photographer

wooden mortar and pestle

Wooden Mortar And Pestle

strawberries in hand

Strawberries In Hand

a white silky flower spills white tendrils of smoke

A White Silky Flower Spills White Tendrils Of Smoke

sitting on ladder wearing sneakers

Sitting On Ladder Wearing Sneakers

look down at frost covered rocks

Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

hockey in the snow

Hockey In The Snow

purple flowers stand tall

Purple Flowers Stand Tall

nasal passage of human skull

Nasal Passage Of Human Skull

leatherbound book shut by a metal clasp

Leatherbound Book Shut By A Metal Clasp

grassy path through vineyard

Grassy Path Through Vineyard

a male patient on a hospital bed silhouetted by window light

A Male Patient On A Hospital Bed Silhouetted By Window Light

late coffee date

Late Coffee Date

staring up at three surgeons mid-operation

Staring Up At Three Surgeons Mid-Operation

a sea of blue bells in a dark field

A Sea Of Blue Bells In A Dark Field

toothless upper jaw of human skull

Toothless Upper Jaw Of Human Skull

dream date

Dream Date

how great stories start

How Great Stories Start

water pours into the open mouth of orange and white koi fish

Water Pours Into The Open Mouth Of Orange And White Koi Fish

a woman is visited by a doctor in hospital

A Woman Is Visited By A Doctor In hospital

taking a moment

Taking A Moment

man holds out carving knife

Man Holds Out Carving Knife

sunbathing with friends

Sunbathing With Friends

mystery date

Mystery Date

large boulders emerge from water at the shoreline

Large Boulders Emerge From Water At The Shoreline

uncovered body in a morgue freezer

Uncovered Body In A Morgue Freezer

three surgeons stand around a patient

Three Surgeons Stand Around A Patient

aerial view of metal recycling facility with backhoe

Aerial View Of Metal Recycling Facility With Backhoe

ready to pay?

Ready to Pay?

creamy billows of smoke in a lilac space

Creamy Billows Of Smoke In A Lilac Space

human skull into the light

Human Skull Into The Light

slice of lime

Slice Of Lime

lime slices pile

Lime Slices Pile