Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4168 photos since February 2017

peek a boo 2019

Peek A Boo 2019

black and orange butterfly sitting on side of rocks

Black And Orange Butterfly Sitting On Side Of Rocks

posting hours

Posting Hours

coffee shop news

Coffee Shop News

landscape image of multi-storey building

Landscape Image Of Multi-Storey Building

surgeons prepare for surgery in an operating room

Surgeons Prepare for Surgery In An Operating Room

grape hyacinths against gray background

Grape Hyacinths Against Gray Background

an aerial shot of a factory complex

An Aerial Shot Of A Factory Complex

two grape hyacinths on pink

Two Grape Hyacinths On Pink

white doors and railings in a pink multi-storey block

White Doors And Railings In A Pink Multi-Storey Block

snow-covered circular streets

Snow-Covered Circular Streets

leaves floating on a river

Leaves Floating On A River

tightly lined pencils and shavings

Tightly Lined Pencils And Shavings

a tiny animal jaw bone

A Tiny Animal Jaw Bone

lime slices

Lime Slices

blue and brown butterfly on tree

Blue And Brown Butterfly On Tree

canola flower field

Canola Flower Field

water skiing adventure

Water Skiing Adventure

metallic-looking flower petals enveloped by pink smoke

Metallic-Looking Flower Petals Enveloped By Pink Smoke

close up of tree bark

Close Up Of Tree Bark

spruce tips covered in newly fallen rain

Spruce Tips Covered In Newly Fallen Rain

where the street have no snow

Where The Street Have No Snow

round road from above

Round Road From Above

straws in metal holder

Straws In Metal Holder

palm fronds spiral and twist together in florida sunshine

Palm Fronds Spiral And Twist Together In Florida Sunshine

wonders of water

Wonders Of Water

wearing sneakers on road

Wearing Sneakers On Road

aerial view of tennis balls and a racket on the court

Aerial View Of Tennis Balls And A Racket On The Court

ready for the slap shot

Ready For The Slap Shot

fall leaves hanging from branch

Fall Leaves Hanging From Branch

all in a day's work for this window washer

All In A Day's Work For This Window Washer

light creeps through branches into the lush garden

Light Creeps Through Branches Into The Lush Garden

pair of hands hold a big book

Pair Of Hands Hold A Big Book

grassy path through vineyard

Grassy Path Through Vineyard

colorful flower petals on a white sheet

Colorful Flower Petals On A White Sheet

demolition of a building

Demolition Of A Building

sun-crisped palm leaves reach for the sun against a blue sky

Sun-Crisped Palm Leaves Reach For The Sun Against A Blue Sky

rusting freighter on icy sea

Rusting Freighter On Icy Sea

waterside rock with icicles

Waterside Rock With Icicles

hockey night in somewhere cold!

Hockey Night In Somewhere Cold!

wide photo of birds lined up on pier

Wide Photo Of Birds Lined Up On Pier

aerial view of sandy beach with two women laying on blankets

Aerial View Of Sandy Beach With Two Women Laying On Blankets

a surgeon in scrubs mid-operation

A Surgeon In Scrubs Mid-Operation

snowy trees divided by a staircase

Snowy Trees Divided By A Staircase

aerial view of trees on a red-soil hillside

Aerial View Of Trees On A Red-Soil Hillside

rocks on the water surrounded by ice

Rocks On The Water Surrounded By Ice

snow-covered tree wall

Snow-Covered Tree Wall

roa around a building

Roa Around A Building

a letter board displays opening times on a shop shelf

A Letter Board Displays Opening Times On A Shop Shelf

nectar of the gods

Nectar Of The Gods