Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4716 photos since February 2017

red pickup truck winds down a road through a snowy forest

Red Pickup Truck Winds Down A Road Through A Snowy Forest

bride holding bouquet in front of old wall vertical

Bride Holding Bouquet In Front Of Old Wall Vertical

boarding subway

Boarding Subway

a couple braving the winter in front of a tall tree

A Couple Braving The Winter In Front Of A Tall Tree

work from home a typewritten message

Work From Home A Typewritten Message

mom and newborn hands

Mom and Newborn Hands

sun creeping through a low hanging tree

Sun Creeping Through A Low Hanging Tree

tennis ball sits in the corner of the tennis court

Tennis Ball Sits In The Corner Of The Tennis Court

overhead view of red pickup truck on a forest road

Overhead View Of Red Pickup Truck On A Forest Road

old ship creating a barrier of ice

Old Ship Creating A Barrier Of Ice

macro bee polinating yellow flower

Macro Bee Polinating Yellow Flower

aerial view of sandy beach scattered with sunbathers

Aerial View Of Sandy Beach Scattered With Sunbathers

a doctor checks a chart as the patient watches on

A Doctor Checks A Chart As The Patient Watches On

man conquers nature

Man Conquers Nature

single tennis call casts a short shadow on the court

Single Tennis Call Casts A Short Shadow On The Court

ship stops the ice from floating away

Ship Stops The Ice From Floating Away

staggered line of pencils

Staggered Line Of Pencils

swimming pool from above

Swimming Pool From Above

woman reaches for flowers

Woman Reaches For Flowers

aerial view of a boat surrounded by ice

Aerial View Of A Boat Surrounded By Ice

white round buds on branch

White Round Buds On Branch

urban reflections

Urban Reflections

typewriter paper roller

Typewriter Paper Roller

yellow flower in water

Yellow Flower In Water

a silken flower emits billows of white smoke

A Silken Flower Emits Billows Of White Smoke

a model in summer wear sits with knee to chest

A Model In Summer Wear Sits With Knee To Chest

single tree resting on snow

Single Tree Resting On Snow

a purple spray

A Purple Spray

swans on still lake

Swans On Still Lake

young woman provides a helping hand to butterfly

Young Woman Provides A Helping Hand To Butterfly

front facing view of clean desk setup

Front Facing View Of Clean Desk Setup

aerial view of metal recycling facility

Aerial View Of Metal Recycling Facility

chilling in a field

Chilling In A Field

surgeons prepare for surgery in an operating room

Surgeons Prepare for Surgery In An Operating Room

cascade of hydrangea blossoms

Cascade Of Hydrangea Blossoms

snow-covered trees in a white sky

Snow-Covered Trees In A White Sky

sneakers in front of red wall

Sneakers In Front Of Red Wall

reader follows the verse in bible

Reader Follows The Verse In Bible

hand flips the pages of book

Hand Flips The Pages Of Book

bride holding flowers in front of old wall

Bride Holding Flowers In Front Of Old Wall

holding a small pride flag

Holding A Small Pride Flag

a pestle and mortar on a wooden shelf

A Pestle And Mortar On A Wooden Shelf

coffee shop news

Coffee Shop News

cone of leaves

Cone Of Leaves

musher view of a team of sled dogs pulling through poplar forest

Musher View Of A Team Of Sled Dogs Pulling Through Poplar Forest

drone photography of badlands ontario

Drone Photography Of Badlands Ontario

overhead view from drone of curved lisbon streets

Overhead View From Drone Of Curved Lisbon Streets

birds-eye view of marina

Birds-Eye View Of Marina

wwork from home a typewritten message in macro

Wwork From Home A Typewritten Message in Macro

yay christmas

YAY Christmas