Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3777 photos since February 2017

woman works at desk

Woman Works At Desk

doctor looking at clipboard

Doctor Looking At Clipboard

christmas wreath hung by the tree with care

Christmas Wreath Hung By The Tree With Care

window iced over

Window Iced Over

handful of acorns

Handful Of Acorns

looking up through pines

Looking Up Through Pines

laptop from side

Laptop From Side

hands peace sign in water

Hands Peace Sign In Water

shiny lipstick in black and white

Shiny Lipstick In Black And White

dramatic portrait young woman

Dramatic Portrait Young Woman

light behind leaf close up

Light Behind Leaf Close Up

pink brick wall texture

Pink Brick Wall Texture

close up of lime fruit

Close Up Of Lime Fruit

writing at desk

Writing At Desk

yoga eagle pose

Yoga Eagle Pose

bright eyeshadow makeup

Bright Eyeshadow Makeup

receiving shipping box

Receiving Shipping Box

woman in scarf drinking hot chocolate

Woman In Scarf Drinking Hot Chocolate

upward dog yoga pose

Upward Dog Yoga Pose

boxes for shipping

Boxes For Shipping

couple walking through graffiti alley

Couple Walking Through Graffiti Alley

pigeon pose

Pigeon Pose

shipping boxes on trolly close up

Shipping Boxes On Trolly Close Up

excited friends on couch

Excited Friends On Couch

mossy tree bark texture

Mossy Tree Bark Texture

entrepreneurs desk from above

Entrepreneurs Desk From Above

drone image of cyclist

Drone Image Of Cyclist

young woman drinking tea

Young Woman Drinking Tea

woman with charcoal face mask

Woman With Charcoal Face Mask

canine staying cozy

Canine Staying Cozy

artist painting in studio

Artist Painting In Studio

laughing while we work

Laughing While We Work

sewing scissors hanging on wall

Sewing Scissors Hanging On Wall

typing on apple computer

Typing On Apple Computer

fashion model stares

Fashion Model Stares

bicycle outside apartment building

Bicycle Outside Apartment Building

man waiting alone

Man Waiting Alone

city woman exercising outdoors

City Woman Exercising Outdoors

woman wearing athletic leggings

Woman Wearing Athletic Leggings

dog in backyard

Dog In Backyard

purple and red ink pool on white

Purple And Red Ink Pool On White

woman listening to music

Woman Listening To Music

relax bath

Relax Bath

mallard duck in city

Mallard Duck In City

yellow pillow & bedside table

Yellow Pillow & Bedside Table

overhead man drawing on notepad

Overhead Man Drawing On Notepad

spectacles on book

Spectacles On Book

white crane water reflection

White Crane Water Reflection

mothers day tulips on blanket

Mothers Day Tulips On Blanket

laptop on desk

Laptop On Desk