Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4049 photos since February 2017

pouring cream into coffee

Pouring Cream Into Coffee

typing on apple computer

Typing On Apple Computer

pink brick wall texture

Pink Brick Wall Texture

yoga meditation rooftop

Yoga Meditation Rooftop

breakfast in bed for mamae

Breakfast In Bed For Mamae

woman at work taking notes

Woman At Work Taking Notes

man holding pen in meeting

Man Holding Pen In Meeting

entrepreneurs desk from above

Entrepreneurs Desk From Above

excited friends on couch

Excited Friends On Couch

receiving shipping box

Receiving Shipping Box

shiny lipstick in black and white

Shiny Lipstick In Black And White

creative work with color options

Creative Work With Color Options

wireless speaker

Wireless Speaker

coffee with milk

Coffee With Milk

mallard duck in city

Mallard Duck In City

pink yellow flowers on bed

Pink Yellow Flowers On Bed

downtown skyscrapers

Downtown Skyscrapers

road bike

Road Bike

happy woman jumps on trampoline

Happy Woman Jumps On Trampoline

cn tower closeup

CN Tower Closeup

little boy ready for school looking up

Little Boy Ready For School Looking Up

bicycle outside apartment building

Bicycle Outside Apartment Building

bright eyeshadow makeup

Bright Eyeshadow Makeup

coffee beans

Coffee Beans

city woman exercising outdoors

City Woman Exercising Outdoors

yellow pillow & bedside table

Yellow Pillow & Bedside Table

team meeting full of happy young adults

Team Meeting Full Of Happy Young Adults

startup woman working

Startup Woman Working

light behind leaf close up

Light Behind Leaf Close Up

flow chart presentation

Flow Chart Presentation

water birds by icy lake

Water Birds By Icy Lake

shadow hands typing

Shadow Hands Typing

thoughtful students talk

Thoughtful Students Talk

2019 written in lights

2019 Written In Lights

green leaf texture close up

Green Leaf Texture Close Up

serious woman with laptop

Serious Woman With Laptop

baby girl lying with mom on bed

Baby Girl Lying With Mom On Bed

blueberries in hand

Blueberries In Hand

looking up at pine forest

Looking Up At Pine Forest

white blue bathbomb

White Blue Bathbomb

overhead man drawing on notepad

Overhead Man Drawing On Notepad

canine staying cozy

Canine Staying Cozy

city winter street

City Winter Street

hands in light

Hands In Light

tree branches at sunset

Tree Branches At Sunset

skateboarder in front of rom

Skateboarder In Front Of Rom

photo editing on tablet

Photo Editing On Tablet

yoga eagle pose

Yoga Eagle Pose

christmas wreath hung by the tree with care

Christmas Wreath Hung By The Tree With Care

womans hands working on laptop

Womans Hands Working On Laptop