Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4716 photos since February 2017

boots on a couch

Boots On A Couch

laughing couple leans against wrought iron fence

Laughing Couple Leans Against Wrought Iron Fence

typewriter typebars

Typewriter Typebars

suede boots fashion

Suede Boots Fashion

cement silo tower

Cement Silo Tower

a bulldog in a checked necktie in the sunlight

A Bulldog In A Checked Necktie In The Sunlight

people walking a dog through the woods

People Walking A Dog Through The Woods

a young woman posing in a black and white shirt

A Young Woman Posing In A Black And White Shirt

lemon on yellow

Lemon On Yellow

grey day walking bridge

Grey Day Walking Bridge

couple holds each other sadly against a frosty gate

Couple Holds Each Other Sadly Against A Frosty Gate

bride holding flower in ruins

Bride Holding Flower In Ruins

white shoes holding small pride flag

White Shoes Holding Small Pride Flag

blue vintage rotary phone on bright blue background

Blue Vintage Rotary Phone On Bright Blue Background

rooftop city view

Rooftop City View

sandscape of badlands

Sandscape Of Badlands

couple shares a smile on a bench by a frosty road

Couple Shares A Smile On A Bench By A Frosty Road

gloved hand touching pine tree

Gloved Hand Touching Pine Tree

bottom of pine trees resting on each other

Bottom Of Pine Trees Resting On Each Other

fall fashion holding red autumn leaf

Fall Fashion Holding Red Autumn Leaf

blue and purple butterfly on tree

Blue And Purple Butterfly On Tree

couple holds each other on a stroll in the snow

Couple Holds Each Other On A Stroll In The Snow

drone shot lost in snow

Drone Shot Lost In Snow

snowy christmas trees in the sun

Snowy Christmas Trees In The Sun

foggy marina

Foggy Marina

illuminated laptop in the dark

Illuminated Laptop In The Dark

the centre of this orange flower stems

The Centre Of This Orange Flower Stems

purple and green leaves against black

Purple And Green Leaves Against Black

wading pool off season aerial

Wading Pool Off Season Aerial

macro bee polinating yellow

Macro Bee Polinating Yellow

round underground streetcar stop

Round Underground Streetcar Stop

a woman and a man enjoy a laugh over coffee

A Woman And A Man Enjoy A Laugh Over Coffee

vertical view of ship against the ice

Vertical View Of Ship Against The Ice

woman clasps two hands behind her partner's neck

Woman Clasps Two Hands Behind Her Partner's Neck

woman throws her arms around a man's neck and smiles

Woman Throws Her Arms Around A Man's Neck And Smiles

couple shares a warm laugh on a park bench in the winter

Couple Shares A Warm Laugh On A Park Bench In The Winter

close up of undeveloped flower bud

Close Up Of Undeveloped Flower Bud

riding horseback

Riding Horseback

close up image of trees resting on snow

Close Up Image Of Trees Resting On Snow

rolling shapes of red soil in badlands

Rolling Shapes Of Red Soil In Badlands

the future is now on a typewriter machine

The Future Is Now On A Typewriter Machine

aerial view of waves washing up along sandy beach

Aerial View Of Waves Washing Up Along Sandy Beach

purple hydrangea close up

Purple Hydrangea Close Up

the gilded pages on antique book

The Gilded Pages On Antique Book

text of antique book

Text Of Antique Book

sun shining through a stack of trees

Sun Shining Through A Stack Of Trees

sea sports

Sea Sports

a letterboard on a busy shop shelf denotes opening times

A Letterboard On A Busy Shop Shelf Denotes Opening Times

opening hours display

Opening Hours Display

waiting to cross at the feet of metal and glass giants

Waiting To Cross At The Feet Of Metal And Glass Giants