Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3905 photos since February 2017

swing bridge above frozen river surrounded by snow

Swing Bridge Above Frozen River Surrounded By Snow

blue and brown butterfly on tree

Blue And Brown Butterfly On Tree

just chilling in white speckled fashion sneakers in alley

Just Chilling In White Speckled Fashion Sneakers In Alley

bamboo stand with carving and color variations

Bamboo Stand With Carving And Color Variations

an old ship creating a barrier of ice

An Old Ship Creating A Barrier Of Ice

a protest in the street holds up mobile phones

A Protest In the Street Holds Up Mobile Phones

prisoner holds cell bars tightly

Prisoner Holds Cell Bars Tightly

prisoner grips cell bars

Prisoner Grips Cell Bars

tying laces on steps

Tying Laces On Steps

magnolias in bloom

Magnolias In Bloom

a young woman leans back on a couch with a coffee

A Young Woman Leans Back On A Couch With A Coffee

light creeps through branches into the lush garden

Light Creeps Through Branches Into The Lush Garden

toronto sports fans

Toronto Sports Fans

a figure in white tip toes on the edge of the woods

A Figure In White Tip Toes On The Edge Of the Woods

a figure in white gauze walks towards the woods

A Figure In White Gauze Walks Towards The Woods

abstract ink clouds in water

Abstract Ink Clouds In Water

leather-bound book open on table

Leather-Bound Book Open On Table

a look down at frost covered rocks

A Look Down At Frost Covered Rocks

man and woman chat on a bench in a snowy park

Man And Woman Chat On A Bench In A Snowy Park

where the street have no snow

Where The Street Have No Snow

hiking trail in the snow

Hiking Trail In The Snow

paying for coffee

Paying For Coffee

ice on the water breaking apart

Ice On The Water Breaking Apart

hockey is more than a sport

Hockey Is More Than A Sport

an orange flower simmers in smoke

An Orange Flower Simmers In Smoke

prisoner stares out of cell

Prisoner Stares Out Of Cell

a red flower billows smokey clouds

A Red Flower Billows Smokey Clouds

ice covered rock by waters edge

Ice Covered Rock By Waters Edge

aerial view of a boat surrounded by ice

Aerial View Of A Boat Surrounded By Ice

rocks separating clear water and ice

Rocks Separating Clear Water And Ice

snow-covered circular streets

Snow-Covered Circular Streets

drone spies plow in the snow

Drone Spies Plow In The Snow

single tennis ball sits in the sun on the court

Single Tennis Ball Sits In The Sun On The Court

leatherbound spine on embossed bible

Leatherbound Spine On Embossed Bible

slice of lime

Slice Of Lime

old wall new shoes

Old Wall New Shoes

place setting at a decorated table

Place Setting At A Decorated Table

sun-crisped palm leaves reach for the sun against a blue sky

Sun-Crisped Palm Leaves Reach For The Sun Against A Blue Sky

just purchased

Just Purchased

a crowd holds up their phones in the sun

A Crowd Holds Up Their Phones In The Sun

a person in white netting strikes a pose in the woods

A Person In White Netting Strikes A Pose In The Woods

tennis balls sit on the green court bleached by the sun

Tennis Balls Sit On The Green Court Bleached By The Sun

hands grip a human skull

Hands Grip A Human Skull

the centre of this orange flower stems

The Centre Of This Orange Flower Stems

peering up a wooden staircase basked in light

Peering Up A Wooden Staircase Basked In Light

hockey night in somewhere cold!

Hockey Night In Somewhere Cold!

waterside rock with icicles

Waterside Rock With Icicles

aerial view of a ship surrounded by ice

Aerial View Of A Ship Surrounded By Ice

an industrial complex underneath a grey sky

An Industrial Complex Underneath A Grey Sky

rusting freighter on icy sea

Rusting Freighter On Icy Sea