Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3905 photos since February 2017

put your feet up!

Put Your Feet Up!

white dinner setting

White Dinner Setting

a couple huddles for warmth on a bench

A Couple Huddles For Warmth On A Bench

man carries his girlfriend on his back threw the snow

Man Carries His Girlfriend On His Back Threw The Snow

suede boots fashion

Suede Boots Fashion

the toronto tower lords over the city

The Toronto Tower Lords Over The City

sled dog team on path in snow-covered poplar forest in winter

Sled Dog Team On Path In Snow-covered Poplar Forest In Winter

broken shards of glass hanging in a boarded up window

Broken Shards Of Glass Hanging In A Boarded Up Window

backspace typewriter key

Backspace Typewriter Key

single tree resting on snow

Single Tree Resting On Snow

dark denim jeans and fashion sneakers reflect in city puddle

Dark Denim Jeans And Fashion Sneakers Reflect In City Puddle

sun creeping through a low hanging tree

Sun Creeping Through A Low Hanging Tree

texture of bark on old tree

Texture Of Bark On Old Tree

couple in love on park bench in winter

Couple In Love On Park Bench In Winter

purple and white butterfly sat on fern leaf

Purple And White Butterfly Sat On Fern Leaf

bride holding flowers in front of old wall

Bride Holding Flowers In Front Of Old Wall

galaxy on leaves

Galaxy On Leaves

rail of black sweatshirts

Rail Of Black Sweatshirts

texture of old tree

Texture Of Old Tree

water collects on the tips of spruce needles on a branch

Water Collects On The Tips Of Spruce Needles On A Branch

striped butterfly with open wingspan on leaf

Striped Butterfly With Open Wingspan On Leaf

orange smoke envelops an orange flower

Orange Smoke Envelops An Orange Flower

womans legs stretched into pool with baby pink toenails

Womans Legs Stretched Into Pool With Baby Pink Toenails

two hands flick through a clothes rack in a summery room

Two Hands Flick Through A Clothes Rack In A Summery Room

a couple holding hands in winter

A Couple Holding Hands In Winter

merry christmas house sign

Merry Christmas House Sign

a row of dark shirts on a rack

A Row Of Dark Shirts On A Rack

couple holds each other sadly against a frosty gate

Couple Holds Each Other Sadly Against A Frosty Gate

cascade of hydrangea blossoms

Cascade Of Hydrangea Blossoms

swans on still lake

Swans On Still Lake

sandy veins of ontario badlands

Sandy Veins Of Ontario Badlands

man gives woman a piggyback in the snowy woods

Man Gives Woman A Piggyback In The Snowy Woods

bride holding bouquet in front of old wall vertical

Bride Holding Bouquet In Front Of Old Wall Vertical

woman enjoying a cup of black coffee

Woman Enjoying A Cup Of Black Coffee

alley entrance to a bar with trash bags piled near the door

Alley Entrance To A Bar With Trash Bags Piled Near The Door

smoky waves emanate from an orange flower

Smoky Waves Emanate From An Orange Flower

a long-stemmed white flower emits wispy pink waves of smoke

A Long-Stemmed White Flower Emits Wispy Pink Waves Of Smoke

couple holds each other on a stroll in the snow

Couple Holds Each Other On A Stroll In The Snow

drone photography of badlands ontario

Drone Photography Of Badlands Ontario

sitting for a moment to tie the laces of fashion sneakers

Sitting For A Moment To Tie The Laces Of Fashion Sneakers

the face of a sled dog sprinkled with snowflakes

The Face Of A Sled Dog Sprinkled With Snowflakes

a sled dog leaps into the air with excitement

A Sled Dog Leaps Into The Air With Excitement

an abandoned camper trailer parked in an open snow-covered field

An Abandoned Camper Trailer Parked In An Open snow-covered Field

young smiles while cradling a hot cup of coffee

Young Smiles While Cradling A Hot Cup Of Coffee

couple shares a smile on a bench by a frosty road

Couple Shares A Smile On A Bench By A Frosty Road

snow covered giants of nature

Snow Covered Giants Of Nature

some butterflies share a feast together

Some Butterflies Share A Feast Together

a blue bicycle against a rusty apartment fire escape

A Blue Bicycle Against A Rusty Apartment Fire Escape

dense bamboo stand

Dense Bamboo Stand

drone shot lost in snow

Drone Shot Lost In Snow