Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3781 photos since February 2017

smoke mask

Smoke Mask

moody look at christmas tree

Moody Look At Christmas Tree

autumn leaves aerial tree tops

Autumn Leaves Aerial Tree Tops

water tower looking over the landscape

Water Tower Looking Over the Landscape

trainers and traffic

Trainers And Traffic

a close up of a woman holding a coffee cup

A Close Up Of A Woman Holding A Coffee Cup

sled dog with warm brown eyes lowers nose to ground

Sled Dog With Warm Brown Eyes Lowers Nose To Ground

close up image of snowy trees

Close Up Image Of Snowy Trees

boats stop at a cliff side

Boats Stop At A Cliff Side

the feel of pine and snow

The Feel Of Pine And Snow

handing coming together making the heart symbol

Handing Coming Together Making The Heart Symbol

gloved hand touching pine tree

Gloved Hand Touching Pine Tree

woman enjoys the autumn views

Woman Enjoys The Autumn Views

rolling hills and textures of red soil

Rolling Hills And Textures Of Red Soil

aerial photography fall leaves and waterfall

Aerial Photography Fall Leaves And Waterfall

decorations in front of lights

Decorations In Front Of Lights

close up on freshly washed blueberries

Close Up On Freshly Washed Blueberries

city at sunset

City At Sunset

two piers on frozen sea

Two Piers On Frozen Sea

rows of typewriter letters

Rows Of Typewriter Letters

lemon slice on yellow

Lemon Slice On Yellow

staples in urban pole texture close up

Staples In Urban Pole Texture Close Up

orange ink galaxy

Orange Ink Galaxy

side of typewriter key tops

Side of Typewriter Key Tops

typewriter close up

Typewriter Close Up

go kart track aerial

Go Kart Track Aerial

woman holds maple leaf in fall

Woman Holds Maple Leaf In Fall

washrooms under the bleachers

Washrooms Under The Bleachers

bottom of pine trees resting on each other

Bottom Of Pine Trees Resting On Each Other

sandscape of badlands

Sandscape Of Badlands

green round buds macro

Green Round Buds Macro

red party dress in silver room

Red Party Dress In Silver Room

melting snow on stacked trees

Melting Snow On Stacked Trees

freshly washed rasberry close up

Freshly Washed Rasberry Close Up

sun shining through a stack of trees

Sun Shining Through A Stack Of Trees

frozen moment capturing the bark of a white and black sled dog

Frozen Moment Capturing The Bark Of A White And Black Sled Dog

lit sparkler and smile

Lit Sparkler And Smile

blue and purple butterfly on tree

Blue And Purple Butterfly On Tree

rolling shapes of red soil in badlands

Rolling Shapes Of Red Soil In Badlands

aerial view of frozen pier

Aerial View Of Frozen Pier

picking a dark shirt from a clothes rack

Picking A Dark Shirt From A Clothes Rack

close up image of trees resting on snow

Close Up Image Of Trees Resting On Snow

snowy christmas trees in the sun

Snowy Christmas Trees In The Sun

holding a sweater on a clothing rack

Holding A Sweater On A Clothing Rack

a closeup view of large jagged mountain rocks cover the ground

A Closeup view Of Large Jagged Mountain Rocks Cover The Ground

purple and green leaves against black

Purple And Green Leaves Against Black

swing bridge locked in place in a frozen river surrounded by snow

Swing Bridge Locked In Place In A Frozen River Surrounded By Snow

portrait images of snowy trees

Portrait Images Of Snowy Trees

ivy with rich green and purple leaves

Ivy With Rich Green And Purple Leaves

bride holding flower in ruins

Bride Holding Flower In Ruins