Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4302 photos since February 2017

low view of a young woman running across dock

Low View Of A Young Woman Running Across Dock

celebration table

Celebration Table

the furry toes of a sled dog on snow-covered ground

The Furry Toes Of A Sled Dog On Snow-covered Ground

upside down bedroom fashion

Upside Down Bedroom Fashion

vertical citrus pile at bottom

Vertical Citrus PIle At Bottom

row of macarons with reflection

Row Of Macarons With Reflection

ornate brick building in blizzard

Ornate Brick Building In Blizzard

woman smiles in yellow bathtub

Woman Smiles In Yellow Bathtub

pigeons sat on power lines

Pigeons Sat On Power Lines

artist's hand close-up

Artist's Hand Close-up

close up on delicate orchid

Close Up On Delicate Orchid

pay with shopify

Pay With Shopify

trainers and traffic

Trainers And Traffic

candid shot of women laughing while holding champagne

Candid Shot Of Women Laughing While Holding Champagne

foxglove buds close up

Foxglove Buds Close Up

orange smoke bubbles off a flower

Orange Smoke Bubbles Off A Flower

skyline at sunset

Skyline At Sunset

man carries his girlfriend on his back threw the snow

Man Carries His Girlfriend On His Back Threw The Snow

aerial view of a swing bridge frozen in time

Aerial View Of A Swing Bridge Frozen In Time

lifeguard stand on foggy beach

Lifeguard Stand On Foggy Beach

paying for coffee

Paying For Coffee

womans legs stretched into pool with baby pink toenails

Womans Legs Stretched Into Pool With Baby Pink Toenails

aerial view of two snow angels surrounded by trees

Aerial View Of Two Snow Angels Surrounded By Trees

small boat sailing under rocks

Small Boat Sailing Under Rocks

open compass resting on the rocks

Open Compass Resting On The Rocks

pink flamingo long neck

Pink Flamingo Long Neck

a person in white netting strikes a pose in the woods

A Person In White Netting Strikes A Pose In The Woods

river runs through fall tree colors

River Runs Through Fall Tree Colors

komodo looking back at me

Komodo Looking Back At Me

a dining table filled with floral decoration

A Dining Table Filled With Floral Decoration

magnolia bud

Magnolia Bud

happy couple having coffee

Happy Couple Having Coffee

busy downtown freeway

Busy Downtown Freeway

flat lay view of hockey player against the ice

Flat Lay View Of Hockey Player Against The Ice

a single rower gliding through clear water

A Single Rower Gliding Through Clear Water

viewing binoculars

Viewing Binoculars

mauve candle on white table

Mauve Candle on White Table

a close up of a woman holding a coffee cup

A Close Up Of A Woman Holding A Coffee Cup

hands resting on open book

Hands Resting On Open Book

woman's hand on an armrest under a white lamp

Woman's Hand On An Armrest Under A White Lamp

last light on waterfall

Last Light On Waterfall

moody look at christmas tree

Moody Look At Christmas Tree

green pine trees with shadows

Green Pine Trees With Shadows

close up felt tip calligraphy

Close Up Felt Tip Calligraphy

eagle talons

Eagle Talons

pink sunset city

Pink Sunset City

close up of white flower on blue background

Close Up Of White Flower On Blue Background

young woman in shades looking into the distance

Young Woman In Shades Looking Into The Distance

abstract arcitechture plays with light

Abstract Arcitechture Plays With Light

chubby komodo dragon

Chubby Komodo Dragon