Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3905 photos since February 2017

river runs through fall tree colors

River Runs Through Fall Tree Colors

aerial view of two people playing tennis in the sun

Aerial View Of Two People Playing Tennis In The Sun

boarding subway

Boarding Subway

cluster of dried hydrangeas

Cluster Of Dried Hydrangeas

clothing on a shop rack with flowers in the background

Clothing On A Shop Rack With Flowers In The Background

a couple steals a warm embrace in winter

A Couple Steals A Warm Embrace In Winter

foamy water crashing to shore

Foamy Water Crashing To Shore

two men working in the cold

Two men Working In The Cold

woman in hat and sunglasses standing in sunflower dried field

Woman In Hat And Sunglasses Standing In Sunflower Dried Field

crane walking away in water

Crane Walking Away In Water

couple beams at each other by the frosty gate

Couple Beams At Each Other By The Frosty Gate

a white sky framed by coniferous forest in winter

A White Sky Framed By Coniferous Forest In Winter

aerial view of a couple making snow angels

Aerial View Of A Couple Making Snow Angels

water park off season aerial

Water Park Off Season Aerial

hand holds up antique cross

Hand Holds Up Antique Cross

plate of pastel macarons

Plate Of Pastel Macarons

a woman buries her face in her hands

A Woman Buries Her Face In Her Hands

frozen moment capturing the bark of a white and black sled dog

Frozen Moment Capturing The Bark Of A White And Black Sled Dog

low view of a young woman running across dock

Low View Of A Young Woman Running Across Dock

portrait of young woman in autumn colored coat

Portrait Of Young Woman In Autumn Colored Coat

drone photography of river through fall trees

Drone Photography Of River Through Fall Trees

two mauve candles on a table

Two Mauve Candles On A Table

flat lay view of hockey player against the ice

Flat Lay View Of Hockey Player Against The Ice

close up of wooden cross on table

Close Up Of Wooden Cross On Table

trainers and traffic

Trainers And Traffic

close up on citrus slices

Close Up On Citrus Slices

pedestrian crossing toronto street in snow storm

Pedestrian Crossing Toronto Street In Snow Storm

fall fashion holding red autumn leaf

Fall Fashion Holding Red Autumn Leaf

dark clothing on a shop rack with a mirror in the background

Dark Clothing On A Shop Rack With A Mirror In The Background

aerial view of two snow angels surrounded by trees

Aerial View Of Two Snow Angels Surrounded By Trees

sled dog with warm brown eyes lowers nose to ground

Sled Dog With Warm Brown Eyes Lowers Nose To Ground

two camel bums

Two Camel Bums

waterfall in fall colors

Waterfall In Fall Colors

plate of pastel macarons with negative space

Plate Of Pastel Macarons With Negative Space

woman's hand on an armrest under a white lamp

Woman's Hand On An Armrest Under A White Lamp

rain water droplets begin to form on the tips of a leaf.

Rain Water Droplets Begin To Form On The Tips Of A Leaf.

rubber ducks on yellow shelves

Rubber Ducks On Yellow Shelves

a yellow snow plow clears the circular streets surrounding a home

A Yellow Snow Plow Clears The Circular Streets Surrounding A Home

small pile of fresh blueberries

Small Pile Of Fresh Blueberries

macro bee polinating yellow

Macro Bee Polinating Yellow

citrus slices with blank space

Citrus Slices With Blank Space

a close up of a couple strolling through winter

A Close Up Of A Couple Strolling Through Winter

lemon fruit yellow background

Lemon Fruit Yellow Background

wading pool off season aerial

Wading Pool Off Season Aerial

boots against the wall

Boots Against The Wall

portrait image of festive scene

Portrait Image Of Festive Scene

abstract arcitechture plays with light

Abstract Arcitechture Plays With Light

hand reaches for hanging sweatshirt

Hand Reaches For Hanging Sweatshirt

smoke mask

Smoke Mask

fresh berries close up texture

Fresh Berries Close Up Texture