Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4302 photos since February 2017

two thousand nineteen

Two Thousand Nineteen

swingset in fog

Swingset In Fog

autumn landscape from hilltops

Autumn Landscape From Hilltops

black friday on a typewriter machine

Black Friday On A Typewriter Machine

a drop of pink and yellow paint in water

A Drop Of Pink And Yellow Paint In Water

new shoes?

New Shoes?

riverbed view of waterfall

Riverbed View Of Waterfall

woman sinks into fun yellow balls

Woman Sinks Into Fun Yellow Balls

aging dress form in dark room

Aging Dress Form In Dark Room

abandoned swimming pool next to highway

Abandoned Swimming Pool Next To Highway

tennis ball sits in the shadow cast by a tennis racket

Tennis Ball Sits In The Shadow Cast By A Tennis Racket

landscape orientation of train tracks

Landscape Orientation Of Train Tracks

decorations in front of lights

Decorations In Front Of Lights

seagull on cliff side

Seagull On Cliff Side

race track texture

Race Track Texture

ground covered by jagged rocks and boulders

Ground Covered By Jagged Rocks and Boulders

lifeguard stand on grey beach

Lifeguard Stand On Grey Beach

stream and waterfalls trailing through autumn forest

Stream And Waterfalls Trailing Through Autumn Forest

misty mountains with buildings

Misty Mountains With Buildings

grungy back alley in the city

Grungy Back Alley In The City

a drone view of a red pickup truck on a road surrounded by forest

A Drone View Of A Red Pickup Truck On A Road Surrounded By Forest

grape hyacinths against pink background

Grape Hyacinths Against Pink Background

a young woman gazes across the scenery

A Young Woman Gazes Across The Scenery

pedestrian passing through grey cityscape in blizzard

Pedestrian Passing Through Grey Cityscape In Blizzard

pistachio nuts macro

Pistachio Nuts Macro

two lovers smile on a bench in the woods

Two Lovers Smile On A Bench In The Woods

couple beams at each other by the frosty gate

Couple Beams At Each Other By The Frosty Gate

clear blue water on rock side

Clear Blue Water On Rock Side

fashionable photographer in fall

Fashionable Photographer In Fall

komodo dragon straight on

Komodo Dragon Straight On

low angle foggy bridge

Low Angle Foggy Bridge

create felt tip pen writing

Create Felt Tip Pen Writing

three pastel macarons

Three Pastel Macarons

rattle snake rattler

Rattle Snake Rattler

foggy walk on bridge

Foggy Walk On Bridge

man in dark denim and fashion sneakers sitting on stairwell

Man In Dark Denim And Fashion Sneakers Sitting On Stairwell

railway tracks stretch through fall trees

Railway Tracks Stretch Through Fall Trees

two-tone ink cloud

Two-Tone Ink Cloud

a long-stemmed white flower emits wispy pink waves of smoke

A Long-Stemmed White Flower Emits Wispy Pink Waves Of Smoke

an outdoor basketball court

An Outdoor Basketball Court

commuting in city snow storm

Commuting In City Snow Storm

window cleaners portrait

Window Cleaners Portrait

white dinner setting

White Dinner Setting

sled dog with warm brown eyes lowers nose to ground

Sled Dog With Warm Brown Eyes Lowers Nose To Ground

selfie wall posing with props

Selfie Wall Posing With Props

folding clothes neatly to save space

Folding Clothes Neatly To Save Space

womens party fashion in sequin room

Womens Party Fashion In Sequin Room

products are paid

Products Are Paid

single speed boat on water

Single Speed Boat On Water

aerial view of two people playing tennis in the sun

Aerial View Of Two People Playing Tennis In The Sun