Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4302 photos since February 2017

foggy bridge side

Foggy Bridge Side

bridge on mountain side

Bridge On Mountain Side

neatly folded clothing propped up between two hands

Neatly Folded Clothing Propped Up Between Two Hands

colorful leaves fallen in autumn

Colorful Leaves Fallen In Autumn

waterfall through fall forest leves

Waterfall Through Fall Forest Leves

sweet potato pile

Sweet Potato Pile

vintage robot view from low angle

Vintage Robot View From Low Angle

elevator on city tower

Elevator On City Tower

grey storm clouds over dry farm field

Grey Storm Clouds Over Dry Farm Field

young woman holding compass over map

Young Woman Holding Compass Over Map

flamingo faces

Flamingo Faces

swan still water reflection

Swan Still Water Reflection

compass held in the hand

Compass Held In The Hand

close up of unused train track

Close Up Of Unused Train Track

mushroom close up pile texture

Mushroom Close Up Pile Texture

black and white view of abstract structure

Black And White View Of Abstract Structure

young goat relaxing

Young Goat Relaxing

happy woman in upside down playroom

Happy woman In upside Down Playroom

light house on rocky cliff in capri italy

Light House On Rocky Cliff In Capri Italy

wrapped up green snake

Wrapped Up Green Snake

side bridge through fog

Side Bridge Through Fog

tea light on white table

Tea Light On White Table

large leatherbound book on a bare table

Large Leatherbound Book On A Bare Table

walkers on foggy bridge

Walkers On Foggy Bridge

office building with geometric masonwork on snowy day

Office Building With Geometric Masonwork On Snowy Day

frozen moment capturing the bark of a white and black sled dog

Frozen Moment Capturing The Bark Of A White And Black Sled Dog

the feel of pine and snow

The Feel Of Pine And Snow

elegant woman standing in tall grass

Elegant Woman Standing In Tall Grass

structured art with cubes like steps

Structured Art With Cubes Like Steps

camel staredown

Camel Staredown

happy new year glitz and gold

Happy New Year Glitz And Gold

compass on rocks close-up

Compass On Rocks Close-up

fall fashion by colorful trees

Fall Fashion By Colorful Trees

yellow bee on yellow flower

Yellow Bee On Yellow Flower

foggy walking bridge

Foggy Walking Bridge

a waterfalls view

A Waterfalls View

champagne top up

Champagne Top Up

komodo dragon foot and claws

Komodo Dragon Foot And Claws

a railway swing bridge on a frozen river covered in snow

A Railway Swing Bridge On A Frozen River Covered In Snow

bridge in fog

Bridge In Fog

clothing on a shop rack with flowers in the background

Clothing On A Shop Rack With Flowers In The Background

under bridge on foggy waters

Under Bridge On Foggy Waters

tiered pages of leatherbound book

Tiered Pages Of Leatherbound Book

hiker relaxes by waterfall

Hiker Relaxes By Waterfall

broken stem in dry field

Broken Stem In Dry Field

antique dress form

Antique Dress Form

orange smoke envelops an orange flower

Orange Smoke Envelops An Orange Flower

artist writing sale in notebook

Artist Writing Sale In Notebook

orchid flowers white and purple

Orchid Flowers White And Purple

burbon gifts for mom

Burbon Gifts For Mom