Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 3905 photos since February 2017

dusty insect shell

Dusty Insect Shell

water slides in fall from above

Water Slides In Fall From Above

compass held in the hand

Compass Held In The Hand

love written in green graphic ink

Love Written In Green Graphic Ink

ice cracks on a frozen sea

Ice Cracks On A Frozen Sea

an overhead view of a snow-covered coniferous forest in winter

An Overhead View Of A Snow-Covered Coniferous Forest In Winter

close up on delicate orchid

Close Up On Delicate Orchid

portrait of man holding pride flag

Portrait Of Man Holding Pride Flag

closer up person holding a small pride flag

Closer Up Person Holding A Small Pride Flag

city rests at sunset

City Rests At Sunset

a drone view of a red pickup truck on a road surrounded by forest

A Drone View Of A Red Pickup Truck On A Road Surrounded By Forest

orange and red leaves of fall from above

Orange And Red Leaves Of Fall From Above

abandoned swimming pool next to highway

Abandoned Swimming Pool Next To Highway

fall fashion by colorful trees

Fall Fashion By Colorful Trees

vertical citrus pile at bottom

Vertical Citrus PIle At Bottom

monroe towers at night

Monroe Towers At Night

cement silo tower

Cement Silo Tower

upside down bedroom fashion

Upside Down Bedroom Fashion

womens party dress fashion lying on floor

Womens Party Dress Fashion Lying On floor

linear bridge in fog

Linear Bridge In Fog

group of fresh fruit

Group Of Fresh Fruit

two women working together at a desk

Two Women Working Together At A Desk

white sled dog standing on snow throws its head back into a howl

White Sled Dog Standing On Snow Throws Its Head Back Into A Howl

red box french fries on black

Red Box French Fries On Black

hand me down dress form

Hand Me Down Dress Form

single road on mountain side

Single Road On Mountain Side

small boat sailing under rocks

Small Boat Sailing Under Rocks

light house on rocky cliff in capri italy

Light House On Rocky Cliff In Capri Italy

komodo looking back at me

Komodo Looking Back At Me

grey day walking bridge

Grey Day Walking Bridge

close up of white flower on blue background

Close Up Of White Flower On Blue Background

pink flamingo long neck

Pink Flamingo Long Neck

small rock piles on log

Small Rock Piles On Log

a woman tosses her hair

A Woman Tosses Her Hair

ornate brick building in blizzard

Ornate Brick Building In Blizzard

subway rushes through tunnel

Subway Rushes Through Tunnel

create felt tip pen writing

Create Felt Tip Pen Writing

typewriter typebars

Typewriter Typebars

happy woman in upside down playroom

Happy woman In upside Down Playroom

pigeons sat on power lines

Pigeons Sat On Power Lines

bfcm in notebook

BFCM In Notebook

open compass resting on the rocks

Open Compass Resting On The Rocks

city from the ground up

City From The Ground Up

black and blue clothing on a rack in a sunlit shop

Black And Blue Clothing On A Rack In A Sunlit Shop

foggy marina

Foggy Marina

womens party fashion in silver room

Womens Party Fashion In Silver Room

strong cube structure in abstract art texture

Strong Cube Structure In Abstract Art Texture

chubby komodo dragon

Chubby Komodo Dragon

magnolia bud

Magnolia Bud

a drone view from overhead of a coniferous forest in winter

A Drone View From Overhead Of A Coniferous Forest In Winter