Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4435 photos since February 2017

pug dog & pumpkin

Pug Dog & Pumpkin

fathers day breakfast portuguese

Fathers Day Breakfast Portuguese

restorative yoga

Restorative Yoga

shipping boxes on red brick

Shipping Boxes On Red Brick

fruit and veggie flatlay

Fruit And Veggie Flatlay

daughter suprises mom with flowers

Daughter Suprises Mom With Flowers

music lover

Music Lover

window iced over

Window Iced Over

hawk in foggy woods

Hawk In Foggy Woods

serious woman with laptop

Serious Woman With Laptop

little boy holding moms hand

Little Boy Holding Moms Hand

south asian family portrait

South Asian Family Portrait

taking notes at meeting

Taking Notes At Meeting

pet and owner on fall walk

Pet And Owner On Fall Walk

woman runs board meeting

Woman Runs Board Meeting

woman sipping coffee

Woman Sipping Coffee

doctor looking at clipboard

Doctor Looking At Clipboard

young boy happily opens christmas present

Young Boy Happily Opens Christmas Present

children lined up

Children Lined Up

busy friends working

Busy Friends Working

piggy bank with money

Piggy Bank With Money

painter working in studio

Painter Working In Studio

busy beach

Busy Beach

mossy tree bark texture

Mossy Tree Bark Texture

relax bath

Relax Bath

autumn photographer taking picture

Autumn Photographer Taking Picture

young family opens christmas gifts together

Young Family Opens Christmas Gifts Together

seated meditation

Seated Meditation

brainstorm meeting ideas

Brainstorm Meeting Ideas

team meeting full of happy young adults

Team Meeting Full Of Happy Young Adults

design tools for computer

Design Tools For Computer

office wooden desk workspace

Office Wooden Desk Workspace

woman sitting on phone in modern office chair

Woman Sitting On Phone In Modern Office Chair

young businesswoman smiling portrait

Young businesswoman Smiling Portrait

woman glasses hands on hip blue wall

Woman Glasses Hands On Hip Blue Wall

upward dog pose

Upward Dog Pose

four students study flatlay

Four Students Study Flatlay

pink brick wall texture

Pink Brick Wall Texture

thinking on laptop

Thinking On Laptop

young man working at desk

Young Man Working At Desk

pencils in cup

Pencils In Cup

road bike

Road Bike

womans feet in sand with waves

Womans Feet In Sand With Waves

reading still life

Reading Still Life

purple and green ink lines

Purple And Green Ink Lines

snow globe in festive living room

Snow Globe In Festive Living Room

holding coffee in bed

Holding Coffee In Bed

students working and studying flatlay

Students Working And Studying Flatlay

healthcare professional

Healthcare Professional

multitasking at desk

Multitasking At Desk