Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 2816 photos since February 2017

business woman shakes hand

Business Woman Shakes Hand

spain mountains

Spain Mountains

father holding baby daughter

Father Holding Baby Daughter

happy woman jumps on trampoline

Happy Woman Jumps On Trampoline

easter egg border

Easter Egg Border

photographer in pink art

Photographer In Pink Art

confused pug

Confused Pug

having fun with daughter

Having Fun With Daughter

woman & dog in the morning

Woman & Dog In The Morning

skateboarder in front of rom

Skateboarder In Front Of Rom

woman kicking

Woman Kicking

hair in messy bun

Hair In Messy Bun

creative brain storm

Creative Brain Storm

students working and studying flatlay

Students Working And Studying Flatlay

happy woman on computer

Happy Woman On Computer

woman presents on whiteboard

Woman Presents On Whiteboard

woman meditating hip opener

Woman Meditating Hip Opener

woman in vintage car

Woman In Vintage Car

writing down goals

Writing Down Goals

woman holding maple leaf in fall

Woman Holding Maple Leaf In Fall

wise pug thinking about the world

Wise Pug Thinking About The World

pug dog & pumpkin

Pug Dog & Pumpkin

children lined up

Children Lined Up

carnival in full swing

Carnival In Full Swing

night view of brooklyn bridge

Night View Of Brooklyn Bridge

man talking on cell phone

Man Talking On Cell Phone

woman silhouette sunset

Woman Silhouette Sunset

wireless speaker

Wireless Speaker

workshop shelves

Workshop Shelves

busy beach

Busy Beach

powerful woman leaning on desk

Powerful Woman Leaning On Desk

hands in light

Hands In Light

dried winter wildflowers

Dried winter Wildflowers

piggy bank with money

Piggy Bank With Money

woman wanderer

Woman Wanderer

splashy hand cleaning

Splashy Hand Cleaning

yoga meditation rooftop

Yoga Meditation Rooftop

holding coffee in bed

Holding Coffee In Bed

sewing scissors hanging on wall

Sewing Scissors Hanging On Wall

reading still life

Reading Still Life

woman behind rainy window

Woman Behind Rainy Window

thinking on laptop

Thinking On Laptop

womans hands working on laptop

Womans Hands Working On Laptop

mother holding babies hand

Mother Holding Babies Hand

coffee beans

Coffee Beans

young girl opening gift

Young Girl Opening Gift

coconut drink on beach

Coconut Drink On Beach

woman listening to music

Woman Listening To Music

upward dog pose

Upward Dog Pose

upward dog yoga pose

Upward Dog Yoga Pose