Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 2947 photos since February 2017

carnival ride art

Carnival Ride Art

pumpkin stem close up

Pumpkin Stem Close Up

spotted farm chicken

Spotted Farm Chicken

dentist checkup tools

Dentist Checkup Tools

business woman with ipad and stylus

Business Woman With Ipad And Stylus

polished wood chess board

Polished Wood Chess Board

sewing supply jars

Sewing Supply Jars

bike front tire

Bike Front Tire

public transit window

Public Transit Window

evidence page in law book

Evidence Page In Law Book

rock sticking out of water

Rock Sticking Out Of Water

an entrepreneur standing in her store

An Entrepreneur Standing In Her Store

urban hotel at night

Urban Hotel At Night

urban cyclist wet day

Urban Cyclist Wet Day

grimey green metal door texture

Grimey Green Metal Door Texture

makeu artist using mascara

Makeu Artist Using Mascara

waves rolling on rocky beach

Waves Rolling On Rocky Beach

raccoon on chimney

Raccoon On Chimney

computer technology & network cables

Computer Technology & Network Cables

bowl of berries & hand towel

Bowl Of Berries & Hand Towel

ottawa waterfall

Ottawa Waterfall

black and white piano keys close up

Black And White Piano Keys Close Up

grimey red metal door texture

Grimey Red Metal Door Texture

toddler in sunbeam

Toddler In Sunbeam

computer network cables

Computer Network Cables

four way fist bump at work

Four Way Fist Bump At Work

walkers on rainy ridge

Walkers On Rainy Ridge

close up green leaf texture

Close Up Green Leaf Texture

happy easter purple and yellow

Happy Easter Purple and Yellow

winter season by the shore

Winter Season By The Shore

geometric walking bridge white sky

Geometric Walking Bridge White Sky

maple branch & buds

Maple Branch & Buds

makeup artists kit

Makeup Artists Kit

tensor band being used

Tensor Band Being Used

goats on farm

Goats On Farm

halters & saddles

Halters & Saddles

dental exam light

Dental Exam Light

rusty green tin graphitti wall texture

Rusty Green Tin Graphitti Wall Texture

ballet dancer feet

Ballet Dancer Feet

dry cornfield close up

Dry Cornfield Close Up

woman in green dress standing in front of archway

Woman In Green Dress Standing In Front Of Archway

striker about to kick a corner

Striker About To Kick A Corner

happy girl on bed

Happy Girl On Bed

dead leaves texture

Dead Leaves Texture

smiling man on bus

Smiling Man On Bus

six women in fit gear legs

Six Women In Fit Gear Legs

dental casting

Dental Casting

girl in colorful dress drawing with sidewalk chalk

Girl In Colorful Dress Drawing With Sidewalk Chalk

macro cherry blossoms

Macro Cherry Blossoms

looking up full cherry blossom tree

Looking Up Full Cherry Blossom Tree