Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

fanned hundred dollar bills

Fanned Hundred Dollar Bills

lord of the dance post

Lord Of The Dance Post

photo up through skyscrapers

Photo Up Through Skyscrapers

rose with water droplets

Rose With Water Droplets

view of carnival lights

View Of Carnival Lights

white sled dog with piercing blue eyes

White Sled Dog With Piercing Blue Eyes

money roll

Money Roll

small dog under blanket

Small Dog Under Blanket

black and white city hotel

Black And White City Hotel

pot with a single sprout

Pot With A Single Sprout

blowtorch on ring

Blowtorch On Ring

skyscraper look up

Skyscraper Look Up

man stands on lit floor

Man Stands On Lit Floor

eaton centre birds

Eaton Centre Birds

bright light through citrus slices

Bright Light Through Citrus Slices

woman changing song

Woman Changing Song

sumac field look up

Sumac Field Look Up

young boy drawing on coffee table

Young Boy Drawing On Coffee Table

a drop of pink and yellow paint in water

A Drop Of Pink And Yellow Paint In Water

people admiring the magnolia trees

People Admiring The Magnolia Trees

beer kegs

Beer Kegs

putting on headphones

Putting On Headphones

hand reaches for hanging sweatshirt

Hand Reaches For Hanging Sweatshirt

old brick basketball court

Old Brick Basketball Court

homes on snowy waterside

Homes On Snowy Waterside

red umbrella walk in the rain

Red Umbrella Walk In The Rain

bfcm written in notebook

BFCM Written In Notebook

cream tulip on white shelf

Cream Tulip On White Shelf

scissors cutting fabric straight on

Scissors Cutting Fabric Straight On

relaxing with book

Relaxing With Book

looking up gold glass building portrait

Looking Up Gold Glass Building Portrait

blue water red shore green land

Blue Water Red Shore Green Land

mossy forest hike

Mossy Forest Hike

coffee date

Coffee Date

woman looking in natural light

Woman Looking In Natural Light

eagle in front of blue sky

Eagle In Front Of Blue Sky

pug has all the wisdom

Pug Has All The Wisdom

pastel macaron pyramid on pink portrait

Pastel Macaron Pyramid On Pink Portrait

hiking with a compass near waterfalls

Hiking With A Compass Near Waterfalls

paper money detail

Paper Money Detail

daisies on pink

Daisies On Pink

ballet bend and stretch

Ballet Bend And Stretch

choppy water texture

Choppy Water Texture

barber shaves a mans face

Barber Shaves A Mans Face

pug in sweater at sunset

Pug In Sweater At Sunset

water on rock close up

Water On Rock Close Up

pink shower speaker

Pink Shower Speaker

tensor band lifestyle

Tensor Band Lifestyle

couch working woman

Couch Working Woman

sewing tools knolling

Sewing Tools Knolling