Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5044 photos since February 2017

detail of the text 2021

Detail Of The Text 2021

hand holds out elegant gold scissors

Hand Holds Out Elegant Gold Scissors

the year 2021 in black ink

The Year 2021 In Black Ink

man getting his beard trimmed by barber

Man Getting His Beard Trimmed By Barber

the words vaccine on a typewriter

The Words Vaccine On A Typewriter

the year 2021 typewritten

The Year 2021 Typewritten

barber shaves a mans face

Barber Shaves A Mans Face

close up of barber giving a fade

Close Up Of Barber Giving A Fade

customer getting fade at barbershop

Customer Getting Fade At Barbershop

large banner at demonstration

Large Banner At Demonstration

chalk lettering on concrete path

Chalk Lettering On Concrete Path

barber uses clippers to line up hair

Barber Uses Clippers To Line Up Hair

barber brushes and cuts hair

Barber Brushes And Cuts Hair

barber sprays water on customers head

Barber Sprays Water On Customers Head

person holds sign over head in protest

Person Holds Sign Over Head In Protest

person holds cardboard sign in protest

Person Holds Cardboard Sign In Protest

chalk words on concrete during protest

Chalk Words On Concrete During Protest

sign saying defund the police

Sign Saying Defund The Police

customer getting hair trimmed

Customer Getting Hair Trimmed

leading lines in an empty barbershop

Leading Lines In An Empty Barbershop

man with beard getting a trim

Man With Beard Getting A Trim

man with face mask in barbershop

Man With Face Mask In Barbershop

bare trees and tall brown grass

Bare Trees And Tall Brown Grass

man gets his beard trimmed in a barber shop

Man Gets His Beard Trimmed In A Barber Shop

barber at work while wearing face mask

Barber At Work While Wearing Face Mask

portrait of man as the barber adds final touches

Portrait Of Man As The Barber Adds Final Touches

fisherman surrounded by water

Fisherman Surrounded By Water

fisherman stands in a large river

Fisherman Stands In A Large River

fisherman looks towards shore

Fisherman Looks Towards Shore

barber gets organized as the customer waits behind him

Barber Gets Organized As The Customer Waits Behind Him

profile of a man getting his hair cut

Profile Of A Man Getting His Hair Cut

birds eye view of a fisherman standing in the river

Birds Eye View Of A Fisherman Standing In The River

man standing in the river with a fishing rod

Man Standing In The River With A Fishing Rod

sky view of a river and the shoreline

Sky View Of A River And The Shoreline

two fishermen stand in river

Two Fishermen Stand In River

clippers trim a mans beard

Clippers Trim A Mans Beard

fisherman stands in the rushing river

Fisherman Stands In The Rushing River

focused barber cuts hair

Focused Barber Cuts Hair

a fisherman reels in

A Fisherman Reels In

large stack of firewood for winter

Large Stack Of Firewood For Winter

portrait of a man with a fresh haircut

Portrait Of A Man With A Fresh Haircut

person fly fishing viewed from above

Person Fly Fishing Viewed From Above

stacked fire wood in pattern

Stacked Fire Wood In Pattern

barber wears a face mask while cutting hair

Barber Wears A Face Mask While Cutting Hair

window view of a barbershop

Window View Of A Barbershop

fisherman stands alone in water

Fisherman Stands Alone In Water

profile of man at the barber

Profile Of Man At The Barber

portrait of young adult with black hair

Portrait Of Young Adult With Black Hair

two sets of barber scissors

Two Sets Of Barber Scissors

smiling man holds cup of tea

Smiling Man Holds Cup Of Tea