Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Dirt Laid Parking Lot | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4176 photos since February 2017

boat on city river

Boat On City River

wide urban river

Wide Urban River

urban window levels

Urban Window Levels

golden city light

Golden City Light

narrow pedestrian street

Narrow Pedestrian Street

stone church front

Stone Church Front

tourist boats in portuguese city

Tourist Boats In Portuguese City

tiled church exterior

Tiled Church Exterior

urban waterfront buildings

Urban Waterfront Buildings

urban shoreline

Urban Shoreline

blue and white tiled church

Blue And White Tiled Church

church of saint ildefonso

Church Of Saint Ildefonso

ornate city building

Ornate City Building

portuguese street and tiled building

Portuguese Street And Tiled Building

highly decorated old buildings

Highly Decorated Old Buildings

daydreaming man

Daydreaming Man

book-eye view

Book-eye View

strolling city streets

Strolling City Streets

multi-storey urban houses

Multi-storey Urban Houses

portuguese city levels

Portuguese City Levels

city street in portugal

City Street In Portugal

white van drives down city street

White Van Drives Down City Street

rocky cliffs of lagos distend into blue ocean waters

Rocky Cliffs of Lagos Distend Into Blue Ocean Waters

rocky lagos cliffs protrude out into the ocean

Rocky Lagos Cliffs Protrude Out Into The Ocean

patrons enjoy the sandy beaches of lagos

Patrons Enjoy The Sandy Beaches Of Lagos

beautiful rocky cliff face of lagos

Beautiful Rocky Cliff Face Of Lagos

adventurists paddle on open green water

Adventurists Paddle On Open Green Water

blue vintage rotary phone on bright blue background

Blue Vintage Rotary Phone On Bright Blue Background

blue vintage rotary telephone laid on blue background

Blue Vintage Rotary Telephone Laid On Blue Background

vintage rotary phone with handle and cord laying beside

Vintage Rotary Phone With Handle And Cord Laying Beside

riding horseback

Riding Horseback

grapes on the vine

Grapes On The Vine

horses in the sea

Horses In The Sea

horse wears bridle

Horse Wears Bridle

close up of horses face

Close Up Of Horses Face

mixed coloring pencil shavings

Mixed Coloring Pencil Shavings

dressed for summer at the beach

Dressed For Summer At The Beach

pencils and shavings

Pencils And Shavings

holding model brain

Holding Model Brain

brain on the outside

Brain On The Outside

person holds money in front of face

Person Holds Money In Front Of Face

pencils, shavings, and sharpener

Pencils, Shavings, And Sharpener

sunny peace sign

Sunny Peace Sign

line of pencil shavings on black

Line Of Pencil Shavings On Black

watermelon offering

Watermelon Offering

holding watermelons in the sun

Holding Watermelons In The Sun

money hides face

Money Hides Face

coloring pencils on black

Coloring Pencils On Black

woman poses against blue

Woman Poses Against Blue

barefoot in the sand

Barefoot In The Sand