Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

wearing the pride flag with shades

Wearing The Pride Flag With Shades

shipping containers as seen from above

Shipping Containers As Seen From Above

eyeshadow on blue eyes

Eyeshadow On Blue Eyes

perfectly arranged 2021 flat lay

Perfectly Arranged 2021 Flat Lay

earth day written in dirt

Earth Day Written In Dirt

clothes hangers on a rail

Clothes Hangers On A Rail

happy new year couple

Happy New Year Couple

women in a row plank pose

Women In A Row Plank Pose

race track numbers

Race Track Numbers

flowers on a book

Flowers On A Book

benefits of activated charcoal

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

couple at home online shopping

Couple At Home Online Shopping

girl using sidewalk chalk in schoolyard

Girl Using Sidewalk Chalk In Schoolyard

writing on whitboard in office

Writing On Whitboard In Office

fidget cube

Fidget Cube

grinning woman

Grinning Woman

tensor band squats

Tensor Band Squats

pour over coffee

Pour Over Coffee

pink tulips on quilted blanket

Pink Tulips On Quilted Blanket

hands using tablet for design editing

Hands Using Tablet For Design Editing

father and child

Father And Child

dried grass

Dried Grass

new shoes?

New Shoes?

woman using shower speaker

Woman Using Shower Speaker

gardening theme flat lay

Gardening Theme Flat Lay

dentist with x-ray

Dentist With X-Ray

peach rose in bouquet

Peach Rose In Bouquet

daisies on pink

Daisies On Pink

long horse face

Long Horse Face

large bible held to  chest

Large Bible Held To Chest

pug posing in warm blanket

Pug Posing In Warm Blanket

bluetooth speaker wireless

Bluetooth Speaker Wireless

grey coffee mug

Grey Coffee Mug

daydreaming man

Daydreaming Man

a bird's-eye view of the winter woods

A Bird's-Eye View Of The Winter Woods

white sled dog with piercing blue eyes

White Sled Dog With Piercing Blue Eyes

red shopping carts

Red Shopping Carts

eaton centre birds

Eaton Centre Birds

pug in a blanket on dry path

Pug In A Blanket On Dry Path

eerie foggy woods

Eerie Foggy Woods

smiling job interview

Smiling Job Interview

windy waiting subway

Windy Waiting Subway

sewing studio

Sewing Studio

mountain goat on top of rocky terrain

Mountain Goat On Top Of Rocky Terrain

black kettle and pour over coffee

Black Kettle And Pour Over Coffee

pug in sweater at sunset

Pug In Sweater At Sunset

colorful t-shirts on clothing rack size medium

Colorful T-Shirts On Clothing Rack Size Medium

pink shower speaker

Pink Shower Speaker

head of cow resting on farm

Head Of Cow Resting On Farm

sewing scissors hanging on wall

Sewing Scissors Hanging On Wall