Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

a woman buries her face in her hands

A Woman Buries Her Face In Her Hands

two women shadow boxing

Two Women Shadow Boxing

candles on an illuminated chocolate cake

Candles On An Illuminated Chocolate Cake

woman taking work break

Woman Taking Work Break

fruit bowl with linnens

Fruit Bowl With Linnens

cute happy baby girl on a couch

Cute Happy Baby Girl On A Couch

urban community garden aerial

Urban Community Garden Aerial

man wearing bluetooth earbuds

Man Wearing Bluetooth Earbuds

man smiling wide

Man Smiling Wide

young woman using iphone

Young Woman Using iPhone

a young woman leans back on a couch with a coffee

A Young Woman Leans Back On A Couch With A Coffee

ready for the drop

Ready For The Drop

angry woman eyes

Angry Woman Eyes

pregnant woman whiteboard

Pregnant Woman Whiteboard

meeting flatlay

Meeting Flatlay

gift for fathers day

Gift For Fathers Day

coffee mug on background

Coffee Mug On Background

pug dog keeping warm

Pug Dog Keeping Warm

mascara makeup application

Mascara Makeup Application

freeway traffic winter

Freeway Traffic Winter

a water jug and glass on a table by a hospital bed

A Water Jug And Glass On A Table By A Hospital Bed

piggy bank saving

Piggy Bank Saving

women stretching in exercise class

Women Stretching In Exercise Class

young men's urban fashion

Young Men's Urban Fashion

woman holding maple leaf in fall

Woman Holding Maple Leaf In Fall

who needs coffee

Who Needs Coffee

lemon slice on yellow

Lemon Slice On Yellow

elegant woman surrounded by tall grass

Elegant Woman Surrounded By Tall Grass

coworkers brainstorming

Coworkers Brainstorming

coffee in sun

Coffee In Sun

santa shopping

Santa Shopping

tuning a vintage television set

Tuning A Vintage Television Set

vertical aerial car junk yard

Vertical Aerial Car Junk Yard

kids at the farm

Kids At The Farm

sale written in lights

Sale Written In Lights

cookies and milk for santa

Cookies And Milk For Santa

sewing machine in use

Sewing Machine In Use

drone knoll flatlay

Drone Knoll Flatlay

puppy dog wrapped in blanket

Puppy Dog Wrapped In Blanket

puppy on fluffy bed

Puppy On Fluffy Bed

pink rose bloom centred

Pink Rose Bloom Centred

eka pada rajakapotasana

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

peach roses on table

Peach Roses On Table

sands of time

Sands Of Time

ocean water close up

Ocean Water Close Up

sceptical older man

Sceptical Older Man

globe on black background

Globe On Black Background

ugly swan

Ugly Swan

daylight on book & blooms

Daylight On Book & Blooms

record playing music

Record Playing Music