Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

texting on iphone closeup

Texting on iPhone Closeup

commuter waiting for subway

Commuter Waiting For Subway

drone knoll flatlay

Drone Knoll Flatlay

ballet dancer in window

Ballet Dancer In Window

blossoms on pages & linnen

Blossoms On Pages & Linnen

easter mini chocolate eggs texture

Easter Mini Chocolate Eggs Texture

portrait of woman suprised

Portrait Of Woman Suprised

beautiful book & flowers

Beautiful Book & Flowers

workshop shelves

Workshop Shelves

long exposure museum night

Long Exposure Museum Night

freeway traffic winter

Freeway Traffic Winter

beach holiday with coconut

Beach Holiday With Coconut

mascara makeup application

Mascara Makeup Application

eyeshadow on blue eyes

Eyeshadow On Blue Eyes

small wireless speaker

Small Wireless Speaker

a woman holds a basket of strawberries in a field

A Woman Holds A Basket Of Strawberries In A Field

tennis courts in autumn

Tennis Courts In Autumn

man listening to headphones

Man Listening To Headphones

green and pink flower

Green And Pink Flower

a close up two people holding hands together

A Close Up Two People Holding Hands Together

puppy dog wrapped in blanket

Puppy Dog Wrapped In Blanket

colorful pencil crayons

Colorful Pencil Crayons

bicycle covered in snow

Bicycle Covered In Snow

coworkers brainstorming

Coworkers Brainstorming

houses on snowy hill

Houses On Snowy Hill

close up of woman spreading arms in autumn breeze

Close Up Of Woman Spreading Arms In Autumn Breeze

autumn table decor

Autumn Table Decor

young woman using iphone

Young Woman Using iPhone

cozy eggnog by the christmas tree

Cozy Eggnog By The Christmas Tree

happy new year couple

Happy New Year Couple

daughter suprises mom with tulip

Daughter Suprises Mom With Tulip

dried grass

Dried Grass

globe on black background

Globe On Black Background

piggy bank saving

Piggy Bank Saving

smiling dentist

Smiling Dentist

pink rose bloom centred

Pink Rose Bloom Centred

student texting smart phone

Student Texting Smart Phone

white capped waves

White Capped Waves

store scanner for checkout

Store Scanner For Checkout

comparing black t-shirts on a clothing rack in a sun-lit shop

Comparing Black T-Shirts On A Clothing Rack In A Sun-Lit Shop

strong women ready to excercise

Strong Women Ready To Excercise

boots in autumn leaves

Boots In Autumn Leaves

pink tulips on quilted blanket

Pink Tulips On Quilted Blanket

halloween skeleton band

Halloween Skeleton Band

yin yoga saddle pose

Yin Yoga Saddle Pose

spilled roasted coffee beans

Spilled Roasted Coffee Beans

dog closeup

Dog Closeup

soccer player holding ball looking out

Soccer Player Holding Ball Looking Out

money close up

Money Close Up

a selection of candles and plants on wooden shelves

A Selection Of Candles And Plants On Wooden Shelves