Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

perfect circle of suburban neighborhood

Perfect Circle Of Suburban Neighborhood

gift for fathers day

Gift For Fathers Day

girl in dress on bed

Girl In Dress On Bed

light strings at night

Light Strings At Night

cozy eggnog by the christmas tree

Cozy Eggnog By The Christmas Tree

pour over coffee with two rustic cups

Pour Over Coffee With Two Rustic Cups

fruit bowl with linnens

Fruit Bowl With Linnens

coffee in sun

Coffee In Sun

foggy forest hike

Foggy Forest Hike

woman using macbook

Woman Using Macbook

woman pleasantly surprised

Woman Pleasantly Surprised

slow fashion coat

Slow Fashion Coat

portable bluetooth music speaker

Portable Bluetooth Music Speaker

pregnant woman whiteboard

Pregnant Woman Whiteboard

ballet dancer in window

Ballet Dancer In Window

red pepper and carrots flatlay

Red Pepper And Carrots Flatlay

laughing man holding pen in meeting

Laughing Man Holding Pen In Meeting

young man texting on iphone

Young Man Texting On iPhone

easter mini chocolate eggs texture

Easter Mini Chocolate Eggs Texture

rocky edge and waterfall

Rocky Edge And Waterfall

man wearing bluetooth earbuds

Man Wearing Bluetooth Earbuds

urdhva mukha svanasana

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

meeting flatlay

Meeting Flatlay

coffee mug on background

Coffee Mug On Background

kids at the farm

Kids At The Farm

woman carrying pumpkin in patch

Woman Carrying Pumpkin In Patch

elegant woman surrounded by tall grass

Elegant Woman Surrounded By Tall Grass

opening hours display

Opening Hours Display

drone knoll flatlay

Drone Knoll Flatlay

man listening to headphones

Man Listening To Headphones

woman taking work break

Woman Taking Work Break

daylight on book & blooms

Daylight On Book & Blooms

looking up at a skyscraper at night

Looking Up at a Skyscraper at Night

record playing music

Record Playing Music

sunny beach selfie with friends

Sunny Beach Selfie With Friends

soccer player holding ball looking out

Soccer Player Holding Ball Looking Out

eka pada rajakapotasana

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

a single pink magnolia about to bloom

A Single Pink Magnolia About To Bloom

dentist chair

Dentist Chair

good morning sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

small wireless speaker

Small Wireless Speaker

freeway traffic winter

Freeway Traffic Winter

typing at desk

Typing At Desk

a handful of blueberries

A Handful Of Blueberries

student texting smart phone

Student Texting Smart Phone

a selection of candles and plants on wooden shelves

A Selection Of Candles And Plants On Wooden Shelves

sands of time

Sands Of Time

young woman using iphone

Young Woman Using iPhone

public transit window

Public Transit Window

man working at desk

Man Working At Desk