Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

festive holiday mantle with sign counting down to christmas

Festive Holiday Mantle With Sign Counting Down To Christmas

small chapel interior

Small Chapel Interior

girl in dress on bed

Girl In Dress On Bed

bicycle covered in snow

Bicycle Covered In Snow

yoga forward fold feet

Yoga Forward Fold Feet

hibiscus tea

Hibiscus Tea

abandoned plane in sunflower field

Abandoned Plane In Sunflower Field

light strings at night

Light Strings At Night

looking up at a skyscraper at night

Looking Up at a Skyscraper at Night

woman texting on smartphone

Woman Texting On Smartphone

behind view of young girl drawing

Behind View Of Young Girl Drawing

sands of time

Sands Of Time

formal party toast

Formal Party Toast

hourglass time flies

Hourglass Time Flies

man wearing bluetooth earbuds

Man Wearing Bluetooth Earbuds

hands on trackpad

Hands On Trackpad

dentist chair

Dentist Chair

hands cradle fresh sourdough bread

Hands Cradle Fresh Sourdough Bread

autumn table decor

Autumn Table Decor

colorful pencil crayons

Colorful Pencil Crayons

fur fashion

Fur Fashion

happy santa eyes

Happy Santa Eyes

man canoeing on water

Man Canoeing On Water

woman looks at camera with anger

Woman Looks At Camera With Anger

meeting flatlay

Meeting Flatlay

smiling man sitting

Smiling Man Sitting

a single pink magnolia about to bloom

A Single Pink Magnolia About To Bloom

pink tulips bloom

Pink Tulips Bloom

long exposure museum night

Long Exposure Museum Night

design tools on ipad

Design Tools On Ipad

multiple neon light reflecting on road

Multiple Neon Light Reflecting On Road

commuter waiting for subway

Commuter Waiting For Subway

eyeshadow on blue eyes

Eyeshadow On Blue Eyes

crowd watches eclipse

Crowd Watches Eclipse

beach holiday with coconut

Beach Holiday With Coconut

sheep wool texture

Sheep Wool Texture

boots in autumn leaves

Boots In Autumn Leaves

father holding daughter

Father Holding Daughter

bed side table

Bed Side Table

perfect circle of suburban neighborhood

Perfect Circle Of Suburban Neighborhood

dried grass

Dried Grass

daylight on book & blooms

Daylight On Book & Blooms

beautiful book & flowers

Beautiful Book & Flowers

small wireless speaker

Small Wireless Speaker

soccer player holding ball looking out

Soccer Player Holding Ball Looking Out

green and pink flower

Green And Pink Flower

man helps toddler decorate christmas tree

Man Helps Toddler Decorate Christmas Tree

texting on iphone closeup

Texting on iPhone Closeup

globe on black background

Globe On Black Background

christmas morning cuddles

Christmas Morning Cuddles