Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

glowing shoes

Glowing Shoes

woman exercising outdoors

Woman Exercising Outdoors

high plank core pose

High Plank Core Pose

lip balm tube

Lip Balm Tube

honest eds toronto

Honest Eds Toronto

urban cyclist

Urban Cyclist

cup of herbal tea

Cup Of Herbal Tea

three children's backpacks brick negative space

Three Children's Backpacks Brick Negative Space

gift for fathers day

Gift For Fathers Day

green veggies on cutting board

Green Veggies On Cutting Board

yellow background gardening tools

Yellow Background Gardening Tools

woman taking work break

Woman Taking Work Break

party balloons in front of faces

Party Balloons In front Of Faces

young men's urban fashion

Young Men's Urban Fashion

empty soccer net in front of forest

Empty Soccer Net In Front Of Forest

dog in the snow

Dog In The Snow

woman writing code

Woman Writing Code

father and daughter

Father And Daughter

curls of smoke from a flower

Curls Of Smoke From A Flower

long exposure of neon lights

Long Exposure Of Neon Lights

bath bombs epsom salts

Bath Bombs Epsom Salts

place setting on white table

Place Setting On White Table

womens led shoes

Womens LED Shoes

adventure written in sand

Adventure Written In Sand

shoveling winter snow

Shoveling Winter Snow

soccer player in penalty position drone view

Soccer Player In Penalty Position Drone View

flowers on a book

Flowers On A Book

meeting participants

Meeting Participants

lensball blue and purple lights

Lensball Blue And Purple Lights

christmas morning family portrait

Christmas Morning Family Portrait

holding giant leaf

Holding Giant Leaf

vacation written on beach

Vacation Written On Beach

dancers pose yoga pose

Dancers Pose Yoga Pose

vintage blue robot portrait

Vintage Blue Robot Portrait

young woman portrait

Young Woman Portrait

extended hand to toe pose

Extended Hand To Toe Pose

three students working flatlay

Three Students Working Flatlay

man designing on tablet

Man Designing On Tablet

woman using macbook

Woman Using Macbook

three bath bombs

Three Bath Bombs

three children's backpacks along brick wall

Three Children's Backpacks Along Brick Wall

happy woman at work

Happy Woman At Work

fan with sign at soccer game

Fan With Sign At Soccer Game

eka pada rajakapotasana

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

father looking lovingly at baby daughter

Father Looking Lovingly At Baby Daughter

black hightop led shoes

Black Hightop LED Shoes

slow fashion dress from

Slow Fashion Dress From

beach surf on stones

Beach Surf On Stones

woman surprised

Woman Surprised

up subway stairs

Up Subway Stairs