Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

three children's backpacks brick negative space

Three Children's Backpacks Brick Negative Space

coffee in sun

Coffee In Sun

loose leaf tea with autumn leaves

Loose Leaf Tea With Autumn Leaves

a red-orange column of smoke in darkness

A Red-Orange Column Of Smoke In Darkness

three students working flatlay

Three Students Working Flatlay

did we just become best friends sign

Did We Just Become Best Friends Sign

front facing view of minimal desk setup

Front Facing View Of Minimal Desk Setup

black and white piano keys close up

Black And White Piano Keys Close Up

empty soccer net in front of forest

Empty Soccer Net In Front Of Forest

a handful of blueberries

A Handful Of Blueberries

woman drinking red wine

Woman Drinking Red Wine

woman meeting whiteboard

Woman Meeting Whiteboard

man designing on tablet

Man Designing On Tablet

high plank core pose

High Plank Core Pose

vintage blue robot portrait

Vintage Blue Robot Portrait

business women in modern office

Business Women In Modern Office

woman in yellow hides face

Woman In Yellow Hides Face

cute pug in a blanket by water

Cute Pug In A Blanket By Water

up subway stairs

Up Subway Stairs

library stunning architecture

Library Stunning Architecture

extended hand to toe pose

Extended Hand To Toe Pose

records texture

Records Texture

sleeping newborn baby face

Sleeping Newborn Baby Face

cup of herbal tea

Cup Of Herbal Tea

dog in the snow

Dog In The Snow

over the shoulder man draws on notepad

Over The Shoulder Man Draws On Notepad

dancers pose yoga pose

Dancers Pose Yoga Pose

place setting on white table

Place Setting On White Table

glowing shoes

Glowing Shoes

mother playing with son in bedroom

Mother Playing With Son In Bedroom

three children's backpacks along brick wall

Three Children's Backpacks Along Brick Wall

sliced orange, lemon, and lime

Sliced Orange, Lemon, And Lime

pregnant woman whiteboard

Pregnant Woman Whiteboard

dark hair woman sun flares

Dark Hair Woman Sun Flares

party balloons in front of faces

Party Balloons In front Of Faces

record playing music

Record Playing Music

texting outdoors

Texting Outdoors

woman holding phone browsing social media

Woman Holding Phone Browsing Social Media

vacation written on beach

Vacation Written On Beach

abandoned plane in sunflower field

Abandoned Plane In Sunflower Field

beach surf on stones

Beach Surf On Stones

young woman using smart phone

Young Woman Using Smart Phone

womans hands holding coffee

Womans Hands Holding Coffee

beach view by drone

Beach View By Drone

woman using macbook

Woman Using Macbook

race track soccer field

Race Track Soccer Field

woman taking work break

Woman Taking Work Break

gift for fathers day

Gift For Fathers Day

father and daughter

Father And Daughter

portable bluetooth music speaker

Portable Bluetooth Music Speaker