Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

storm clouds at sunset

Storm Clouds At Sunset

holiday flat lay

Holiday Flat Lay

balance scale tilted right

Balance Scale Tilted Right

woman leading meeting

Woman Leading Meeting

man helps toddler decorate christmas tree

Man Helps Toddler Decorate Christmas Tree

man wearing bluetooth headphones

Man Wearing Bluetooth Headphones

sewing tools flatlay knolling

Sewing Tools Flatlay Knolling

wood panel background framed by leaves

Wood Panel Background Framed By Leaves

three students working flatlay

Three Students Working Flatlay

corner kick position for soccer field

Corner Kick Position For Soccer Field

man writing notes

Man Writing Notes

leather handbag on bed

Leather Handbag On Bed

woman getting mascara makeup

Woman Getting Mascara Makeup

dog in backyard

Dog In Backyard

woman drinking red wine

Woman Drinking Red Wine

rocky edge and waterfall

Rocky Edge And Waterfall

man crossing city street

Man Crossing City Street

bath bomb on towel

Bath Bomb On Towel

antique binoculars

Antique Binoculars

white background with brances frame

White Background With Brances Frame

laptop in modern office

Laptop In Modern Office

dark hair woman sun flares

Dark Hair Woman Sun Flares

elegant serene woman in tall grass

Elegant Serene Woman In Tall Grass

businesswoman portrait

Businesswoman Portrait

pink rose and petals

Pink Rose and Petals

ballet dancer ties ballet slippers

Ballet Dancer Ties Ballet Slippers

fitness tracker on woman's hand

Fitness Tracker on Woman's Hand

cup of herbal tea

Cup Of Herbal Tea

senior man in pain

Senior Man In Pain

up subway stairs

Up Subway Stairs

sleeping newborn baby face

Sleeping Newborn Baby Face

carnival in full swing

Carnival In Full Swing

writing in notebook at desk

Writing In Notebook At Desk

sunny beach selfie with friends

Sunny Beach Selfie With Friends

winter waterpark phone pic

Winter Waterpark Phone Pic

red ink drop in yellow liquid

Red Ink Drop In Yellow Liquid

texting on iphone closeup

Texting on iPhone Closeup

a single pink magnolia about to bloom

A Single Pink Magnolia About To Bloom

bankers windows

Bankers Windows

woman with dog dark alley

Woman With Dog Dark Alley

a hand removes a sweater from a clothing rack

A Hand Removes A Sweater From A Clothing Rack

christmas morning cuddles

Christmas Morning Cuddles

pouring cream into coffee

Pouring Cream Into Coffee

lime cut in half on green surface

Lime Cut In Half On Green Surface

woman drinking coffee and reading an interior design magazine

Woman Drinking Coffee And Reading An Interior Design Magazine

woman using macbook

Woman Using Macbook

multiple neon light reflecting on road

Multiple Neon Light Reflecting On Road

lama looks left

Lama Looks Left

four way fist bump at work

Four Way Fist Bump At Work

hand reaching out to drone

Hand Reaching Out To Drone