Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

team taking meeting notes

Team Taking Meeting Notes

Green And White Marbled Coloring

Green And White Marbled Coloring

bluetooth speaker for ipad

Bluetooth Speaker For iPad

green smart watch

Green Smart Watch

male doctor standing with arms crossed

Male Doctor Standing With Arms Crossed

women's smart watch

Women's Smart Watch

light behind leaf close up

Light Behind Leaf Close Up

line up of yatchs

Line Up Of Yatchs

woman holding smart phone

Woman Holding Smart Phone

loft style bedroom

Loft Style Bedroom

typing up close

Typing Up Close

team hands middle

Team Hands Middle

portrait of store owner in his store

Portrait Of Store Owner In His Store

mothers day tulips on blanket

Mothers Day Tulips On Blanket

leaf wall mural office

Leaf Wall Mural Office

little boy in playground looking to the right

Little Boy In Playground Looking To The Right

slow fashion dress from

Slow Fashion Dress From

christmas morning family portrait

Christmas Morning Family Portrait

vacation holiday coconut drink

Vacation Holiday Coconut Drink

rooibos looseleaf tea

Rooibos Looseleaf Tea

taking notes at team meeting

Taking Notes At Team Meeting

shoelace pose forward fold

Shoelace Pose Forward Fold

entrepreneurs desk from above

Entrepreneurs Desk From Above

yellow and purple ink with green

Yellow And Purple Ink With Green

women's fitness band

Women's Fitness Band

gavel on law books

Gavel On Law Books

father and daughter stand in schoolyard

Father and Daughter Stand In Schoolyard

luxury bath bomb

Luxury Bath Bomb

couple walking through graffiti alley

Couple Walking Through Graffiti Alley

purple ink into green and yellow

Purple Ink Into Green And Yellow

woman getting lip makeup

Woman Getting Lip Makeup

trendy bluetooth speaker

Trendy Bluetooth Speaker

hand grabbing dentist mirror

Hand Grabbing Dentist Mirror

nyc manhattan brooklyn bridge

NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge

woman making choice of path

Woman Making Choice Of Path

man writing in notebook

Man Writing In Notebook

creative work with color options

Creative Work With Color Options

young people holding smart phones

Young People Holding Smart Phones

water birds by icy lake

Water Birds By Icy Lake

ballet dance shoes

Ballet Dance Shoes

freelancer typing on keyboard

Freelancer Typing On Keyboard

premium bath bombs

Premium Bath Bombs

woman looking at horizon

Woman Looking At Horizon

young girl swinging on bars

Young Girl Swinging On Bars

judge gavel and law books

Judge Gavel And Law Books

happy woman jumps on trampoline

Happy Woman Jumps On Trampoline

soccer player in penalty position drone view

Soccer Player In Penalty Position Drone View

three children's backpacks along brick wall

Three Children's Backpacks Along Brick Wall

light house on rocky cliff in italy

Light House On Rocky Cliff In Italy

man wearing over ear headphones

Man Wearing Over Ear Headphones