Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5070 photos since February 2017

hipster drinking tea

Hipster Drinking Tea

proud pigeon pose

Proud Pigeon Pose

easter mini eggs

Easter Mini Eggs

bright office working

Bright Office Working

winter waterpark phone pic

Winter Waterpark Phone Pic

taking notes at desk

Taking Notes At Desk

father helps toddler open christmas gifts

Father Helps Toddler Open Christmas Gifts

pouring cream into coffee

Pouring Cream Into Coffee

family lounging by the fireplace in pajamas

Family Lounging By The Fireplace In Pajamas

carpenter at work

Carpenter At Work

dog in backyard

Dog In Backyard

black wood angle texture

Black Wood Angle Texture

soccer ball through net

Soccer Ball Through Net

man holding cup of tea

Man Holding Cup Of Tea

pastel macaron pyramid on pink

Pastel Macaron Pyramid On Pink

colorful iphone 6 cases

Colorful iPhone 6 Cases

bluetooth speaker for ipad

Bluetooth Speaker For iPad

horse wears bridle

Horse Wears Bridle

worn sneakers on tracks

Worn Sneakers On Tracks

cyclist bike & leafy wall

Cyclist Bike & Leafy Wall

merchant taking sale with chip and swipe reader

Merchant Taking Sale With Chip And Swipe Reader

spring in dirt with flower pedals

Spring In Dirt With Flower Pedals

loft style bedroom

Loft Style Bedroom

taking notes at team meeting

Taking Notes At Team Meeting

wine and cheese party

Wine And Cheese Party

christmas ornament outdoors

Christmas Ornament Outdoors

man kneels by christmas tree with present

Man Kneels By Christmas Tree With Present

white background with brances frame

White Background With Brances Frame

man crafting wood

Man Crafting Wood

bath bomb by tub

Bath Bomb By Tub

man on iphone outside

Man On IPhone Outside

leaf wall mural office

Leaf Wall Mural Office

woman hands tech developer laptop

Woman Hands Tech Developer Laptop

holding clock

Holding Clock

hands holding bath bombs

Hands Holding Bath Bombs

bath bomb sphere

Bath Bomb Sphere

relaxing in the morning

Relaxing In The Morning

pink rose and petals

Pink Rose and Petals

shoelace pose forward fold

Shoelace Pose Forward Fold

looking through records

Looking Through Records

red ink drop in yellow liquid

Red Ink Drop In Yellow Liquid

team meeting brainstorm

Team Meeting Brainstorm

three friends working on couch

Three Friends Working On Couch

judge gavel and law books

Judge Gavel And Law Books

carnival in full swing

Carnival In Full Swing

young woman typing macbook

Young Woman Typing Macbook

father and daughter stand in schoolyard

Father and Daughter Stand In Schoolyard

server room cables

Server Room Cables

dancers pose yoga rooftop

Dancers Pose Yoga Rooftop

lip balm jar

Lip Balm Jar