Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in the GTA.

location Canada

Drone View Of Car Driving Through Forest | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 5059 photos since February 2017

purple ink into green and yellow

Purple Ink Into Green And Yellow

team hands middle

Team Hands Middle

server room cables

Server Room Cables

bright office working

Bright Office Working

bath bomb by tub

Bath Bomb By Tub

man writing in notebook

Man Writing In Notebook

woman writing in notebook during meeting

Woman Writing In Notebook During Meeting

horse wears bridle

Horse Wears Bridle

spring in dirt with flower pedals

Spring In Dirt With Flower Pedals

colorful sewing threads on wall

Colorful Sewing Threads On Wall

team taking meeting notes

Team Taking Meeting Notes

celebrating mamae with breakfast

Celebrating Mamae With Breakfast

lip balm container

Lip Balm Container

lip balm jar

Lip Balm Jar

freelancer typing on keyboard

Freelancer Typing On Keyboard

making coffee

Making Coffee

man holding cup of tea

Man Holding Cup Of Tea

colorful bath bombs

Colorful Bath Bombs

bath bomb sphere

Bath Bomb Sphere

girl smiles in winter coat

Girl Smiles In Winter Coat

green smart watch

Green Smart Watch

keeping meeting notes

Keeping Meeting Notes

father holding baby daughter

Father Holding Baby Daughter

puppy sits on her bed

Puppy Sits On Her Bed

five construction workers on break

Five Construction Workers On Break

woman hands tech developer laptop

Woman Hands Tech Developer Laptop

bike covered in snow

Bike Covered In Snow

loft style bedroom

Loft Style Bedroom

smiling cafe owner

Smiling Cafe Owner

father and daughter stand in schoolyard

Father and Daughter Stand In Schoolyard

icicle lamppost

Icicle Lamppost

judge gavel and law books

Judge Gavel And Law Books

teen texting on smartphone

Teen Texting On Smartphone

designing on computer

Designing On Computer

black wood angle texture

Black Wood Angle Texture

carpenter at work

Carpenter At Work

woman texting on gradient iphone

Woman Texting on Gradient iPhone

illustrator workspace flatlay

Illustrator Workspace Flatlay

cup of tea in autumn

Cup Of Tea In Autumn

mothers day tulips on blanket

Mothers Day Tulips On Blanket

vacation holiday coconut drink

Vacation Holiday Coconut Drink

wine and hors d'oeuvres

Wine And Hors D'Oeuvres

hands holding bath bombs

Hands Holding Bath Bombs

couple hug as they pour a cup of coffee

Couple Hug As They Pour A Cup Of Coffee

black led shoes

Black LED Shoes

leaf wall mural office

Leaf Wall Mural Office

young man checking phone

Young Man Checking Phone

merchant taking sale with chip and swipe reader

Merchant Taking Sale With Chip And Swipe Reader

young woman typing macbook

Young Woman Typing Macbook

mother and toddler opening christmas presents

Mother And Toddler Opening Christmas Presents