Matthew Henry

Photographer and Videographer living in Toronto.

location Toronto, Ontario

Prairie Woman At Sunset | View photo

Matthew Henry has contributed 4154 photos since February 2017

coffee beans texture

Coffee Beans Texture

teen texting on smartphone

Teen Texting On Smartphone

man reads book in studio

Man Reads Book In Studio

honest eds toronto

Honest Eds Toronto

pink wall with grey door

Pink Wall With Grey Door

woman using pink smart phone

Woman Using Pink Smart Phone

father looking lovingly at baby daughter

Father Looking Lovingly At Baby Daughter

red and yellow tulips

Red And Yellow Tulips

desk office workspace flatlay

Desk Office Workspace Flatlay

dancers pose yoga rooftop

Dancers Pose Yoga Rooftop

bath bomb and candle

Bath Bomb And Candle

summer portrait of woman

Summer Portrait Of Woman

job interview woman

Job Interview Woman

piggy bank on blue

Piggy Bank On Blue

bath bomb advertisement

Bath Bomb Advertisement

over the shoulder man draws on notepad

Over The Shoulder Man Draws On Notepad

fresh asparagus

Fresh Asparagus

portable bluetooth music speaker

Portable Bluetooth Music Speaker



hand holding pencil at meeting

Hand Holding Pencil At Meeting

fashionable man outside

Fashionable Man Outside

female hands in the center

Female Hands In The Center

white clock

White Clock

woman doctor with gloves

Woman Doctor With Gloves

young woman typing macbook

Young Woman Typing Macbook

leather jacket and tea

Leather Jacket And Tea

lacing up for ballet

Lacing Up For Ballet

library stunning architecture

Library Stunning Architecture

looking up at a skyscraper at night

Looking Up at a Skyscraper at Night

womans hands holding coffee

Womans Hands Holding Coffee

fashionable woman sitting on stairs

Fashionable Woman Sitting On Stairs

purifying face mask

Purifying Face Mask

man walking away in shadows

Man Walking Away In Shadows

black wood angle texture

Black Wood Angle Texture

colorful cellphone cases

Colorful Cellphone Cases

hand washing in the kitchen

Hand Washing In The Kitchen

tees on wood table

Tees On Wood Table

pink lip balm

Pink Lip Balm

woman using smart phone with case

Woman Using Smart Phone With Case

man sipping herbal tea

Man Sipping Herbal tea

hand reaching out to drone

Hand Reaching Out To Drone

old payphone keyboard

Old Payphone Keyboard

saving cash in bank

Saving Cash In Bank

female hands in the center sideview

Female Hands In The Center Sideview

record playing music

Record Playing Music

judgement gavel on white

Judgement Gavel On White

girl in beach water

Girl In Beach Water

women with surveillance cameras

Women With Surveillance Cameras

cup of tea in autumn

Cup Of Tea In Autumn

woman holding up iphone

Woman Holding Up iPhone